Long Arm Quilting Service Pricing

I would love to quilt for you.  My current turn-around time is two weeks or less.  

I am now offering computerized edge-to-edge quilting.  I will work with you to find the perfect pattern to complement your quilt top.  We will also select a thread color and batting and go over all the details to make sure we are on the same page.  I will treat your quilt with respect and care for it as if it were my own.  My home is pet- and smoke-free and I work in a clean, dedicated studio.

I accept quilts locally (Bloomington, Indiana) and by mail.  Use the contact form to send me a message, ask me questions, or to initiate the quilting process.  Or email me directly at quilting@storiesfromthesewingroom.com


Payment is due when you pick up your quilt.  If you would like to mail a quilt to me, shipping is your responsibility and must include a tracking number both ways.  Return shipping is free if the total of your quilting job is $250 or more.  Payment in full is due before I will return ship your quilt.  I accept cash and credit cards.  Credit cards will be processed through PayPal.  You do not have to have a PayPal account in order to pay by credit card.


My minimum charge is $45.  
Prices do not include batting or backing.
Prices do include one color of Superior So Fine 50 wt thread and a fresh needle for each quilt.
Cost is calculated by the square inch:  length of quilt x width of quilt x cost per square inch.  Square inches are figured prior to quilting.

Basic budget loopy meander:  $.015/square inch

  • Loopy meander covers entire top, sized at my discretion unless otherwise discussed prior to quilting.
  • Sample cost:  60 x 80 x .015 = $72
Loopy Meander
Loopy Meander
Edge-to-edge pantograph designs:  $.02/square inch
  • One design covers entire top with no regard to piecing or appliqué elements.
  • Here is my current selection of edge-to-edge designs.  I am open to other designs and will split the cost with you to order a new one if we find an appropriate design.  
  • Suitable for quilts that will be used or washed a lot, busy fabrics, scrap quilts.
  • Sample cost:  60 x 80 x .02 = $96

Basic to intermediate custom:  $.04 - $.08/square inch
  • Includes some stitch in the ditch, some ruler work, some freehand, at my discretion.
  • Customer will discuss ideas and designs with me and agree upon design prior to quilting process.
  • Sample cost:  60 x 80 x .06 = $288

Heirloom/Show quilting:  Not currently offered.

Marking Disclaimer:  I use a variety of marking methods (chalk, blue/purple fabric marking pens) for custom quilting and make every effort to remove the markings.  There are occasions when faint marks will still be visible.  Usually these one out upon the first complete washing in cold water with no detergent.  I cannot guarantee that all markings will come out.  If you select basic custom quilting that may require the use of a marking method, you will need to sign a consent and waiver of responsibility form.  I am not responsible for marks that do not come out.  If this is a concern, then please consider an alternate quilting style.  Thank you.

  • Quilt Mending:  $25/hour
  • Ironing excessively wrinkled top or back:  $25/hour
  • Trimming excessive loose threads:  $15
  • Squaring up a quilt or backing:  $25 each
  • Fixing too small backing:  $25
  • Piece backing for you:  $5/seam
  • Thread change fee:  $5 for each additional color or to change the brand/style of thread
  • Stay Stitch quilt top edges:  $20
  • Trimming excess batting and backing after quilting: $20 (free if shipping back and forth)

  • Make straight grain binding using customer's fabric:  $15
  • Attach to front only:  $.10/linear inch.  Sample cost:  (60 + 60 + 80 + 80) x .10 = $28
  • Binding machine stitched to front, hand stitched to back:  $.25/linear inch.  Allow two weeks for binding completion.  Sample cost: (60 + 60 + 80 + 80) x .25 = $70
  • Binding machine stitched to back, machine top stitched to front: $.20/linear inch. Allow one week for binding completion.  Sample cost (60 + 60 + 80 + 80) x .20 = $56

I will make a custom quilt for you.  My labor charge is $25/hour.  Price does not include fabric.


I currently have Hobbs 80/20 batting or Pellon's Nature Touch white cotton batting available at $10/yard.  

You are welcome to provide your own batting, however, I will not accept inexpensive polyester batting such as Mountain Mist because it tends to clump and wrinkle during the quilting process. I would prefer to use a folded batting rather than one rolled and stuffed into a bag, just because the finished quilt is nicer.  I reserve the right to refuse batting if I feel that it won't hold up to the machine quilting process.  You've spent a lot of time and money making a beautiful top, so put nice batting in it!

If you are shipping your quilt, I would recommend that you buy batting from me or purchase some and have it shipped directly to me to save you money.


Receive 10% off every 10th quilt I complete for you.
Refer a friend--after I complete their first quilt, take 10% off your next quilt. 


Please let me know if I cannot share photos of your work online via my blog or social media.


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