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Off to a Slow Start

I'm off to such a slow start this year. I knew last week would be slow with college orientation and such, but I haven't seemed to be able to pick up the pace yet. Things are all just a little off and I guess I'm not going with the flow as much as I generally do. I showed up early for my dentist appointment yesterday (thought appointment was earlier than it was) and my hygienist was running late, so I had to wait in my car for almost half an hour--they're back to the call when you get here and we'll tell you when you can come in. My Superior Threads order was delivered Sunday and the one color I actually needed for this week was the one that didn't come. I was able to call and get it corrected yesterday, but now I am waiting for the replacement. That's the first time that's ever happened with them, and they were very nice about it, but I still have to wait. I have several medical/orthodontic medical bills that are completely screwed up, so I spent lots of time on the phone trying to get those straightened out. Those are all in a wait and see mode now too.

So what's good right now? Actually, most things, as long as I keep my news consumption at a low level. My daughter started classes Monday and things went okay. Tuesday seemed to be much better. My son was able to get his booster shot last week. He was feeling groggy Thursday, so I had him stay home from school Friday since it was super cold out too, and I did not feel one bit guilty about it. (Our previous school superintendent would usually either delay or close school when it was that cold, but guess the new one isn't going to do that. The wind chill in the morning was -6 and it is not easy here to access adequate winter clothing. Finding boots and snow pants locally when the kids were younger was a challenge.) I was able to find some KN-95 masks for the kids to wear to classes. Quilt guild meetings are back to virtual this month and I'm relieved. I got to sleep in a bit this morning and I'll be home alone all day today!

Oh, funny story to share. You know how my sewing room tour aired last Wednesday? I had clicked on the link to the video so that I could share that before I went to the orientation, which ended up being hundreds of people sitting in an auditorium the entire day 😒. I'm sitting in the auditorium and my husband is texting me that he keeps hearing people talking. He was home alone that day. He finally figured out that the livestream had started and the talking was coming from the computer. I hadn't closed the tab from when I grabbed the link, so it just started playing. 😆🤣🤣

You're here for the sewing, so let's get to it. I forgot to share the quilt I worked on last week. Yup, only one. It is another of Toni's memory quilts, being quilted with the Tractor pantograph. Just look at all those tiny pinwheels!

Next, I've been working on Kathy's felted wool/needle felting quilt. This one is thick and stretchy. It required adjusting the longarm to clear the seams. I spent a day and a half basting and then doing stitch in the ditch and burying in a million threads. Then I added some random cross-hatch blocks. We decided it needed more quilting than that, so it will be going back on the frame for some more quilting today. 

I didn't have enough time to work on client quilts yesterday afternoon, so I thought I'd work on one of my own long-neglected projects. It will be quick and easy, I thought. ha ha ha ha. Five hours later, it is quilted. I had watched a class from the IQ Summit and wanted to apply what I learned, so I practiced placing and adjusting patterns within blocks. I finished well after dinner, so the photo doesn't show much, if any, of the quilting, but once it's light again, I will take some better pictures.

While I was quilting yesterday, I was able to spend a few minutes working on this month's Macaron Mystery.

Sadly, nothing at all has happened on either of the Bonnie Hunters.

I'll leave you with my new garden, a gift from my husband. He keeps messing with it after I set it up, so I guess maybe it was actually a gift for him. I'm growing lettuce. It sprouted within three days. The light has to be on 15 hours at a time. It's really bright. 

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January OMG

Happy New Year!

Not a ton of sewing has been going on. I have completed sewing the quilt I've been testing, but I can't share it yet.

I was able to sew this month's #Trending block, the owl. It is attached to some of the bees from December. I can't believe I'm up to date on this one!

Last night I was a speaker at the large guild I belong to. I am a terrible public speaker.  The meeting got switched to Zoom due to Covid, so I thought speaking over Zoom using a slide show would be easier. It wasn't! Once I shared my screen, my mouse no longer worked and I couldn't remove the people from the sidebar. They covered all the text on my slides! Eeek! I made it through and I am glad that commitment is complete. And hopefully I addressed my assigned topic of machine quilting without sounding like an advertisement--I was trying really hard have general information and not just have it all about my business.

My goal for this month is to piece together at least 1/4 of the Grassy Creek units that are hanging on my design wall. Here is a lovely picture of my long arm that I used in last night's speech with the Grassy Creek units hanging on the design wall in the background.

Today I will be spending the entire day at college orientation with my daughter. It's going to be freezing out and the orientation information says we will be doing a good amount of walking. I'm guessing that's a campus tour outside. Brrrr. Hope I don't freeze to death. But shivering burns calories, right? And the mask will keep my face warmer. Looking for the upside. :)

Want to view my sewing room? I'm going to be on the Quilted Joy Clubhouse today at 1 pm eastern! I hope I don't look like a complete fool. 😅 I'll have to watch the replay.

Until next week--

Stay safe out there! 😷

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