2017 In Review

This year I wanted to finish more quilts.  I didn't do as well as last year, but I had more responsibilities outside my sewing bubble.

I finished nine large quilts and six minis.  I gave away nine of the 15 quilts I finished this year.  I also finished several cross stitch projects (and gave away one) and one knitting project.

I had also hoped my sewing room would be finished, and it's not, although it's definitely further along than at the start of the year. We are hoping to start priming this week.

My big accomplishment for the year was losing 25 pounds.  I'd like to go another 15.  We'll see how it goes.

Goals for 2018:  finish the sewing room, finish more half-done projects, start a long arm quilting business, lose a few more pounds.

I hope your holiday season was nice and that your 2018 is filled with peace & prosperity.

My Son's First Quilt

My elementary-aged son decided that he wanted to do all the sewing for his teacher's gift.  I did a little bit of the rotary cutting--he tried, but couldn't make the cuts.  I guided him on what to do for each step, but he did the drawing, scissor cutting, most of the ironing, and the sewing.  I helped him attach the binding, but he ran the sewing machine.  I think he did a great job!  I did sew the label on the back because he didn't want to try hand sewing.  The finished product is about 7" x 9".  The pattern is based on one by Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts.
I'm in a lot better place this week than last.  Everything is ready for the holidays.  My wonderful husband helped me set up the shirts to be embroidered, so it took just over four hours with both of us working on them.  I finished up the fish quilt and am just waiting for a sunny day (between now and Sunday!) to get a finished picture.  It's been so dark and gloomy lately.
 I finished up this Kaffe top too.  I'm considering trying to get quilted today.

Have a wonderful holiday!

Guild Mug Rug/Coaster Swap

My guild met last week and we exchanged the coasters/mug rugs.  Here's the one I made for my partner.  It definitely fell into the large mug rug category.  I used Cotton Way's Bobbin Box pattern as a base and used Bonnie & Camille Basics for the fabrics.

I received the cutest hexie-shaped coaster.  It's perfect because the fabrics and colors are all ones I love and it's also something I would never make for myself.  
We also had the gift exchange.  Here's most of what I included in my gift.  Not pictured is one more pattern and a pin.
Here's what I received.

I was quite happy that the mug and my mug rug match.  Nice coincidence.
In other news,  I'm so relieved that Alabama came through.  I feel a small amount of hope from this.

Also, I finished up the fish quilt top and quilted it yesterday.  I had a moment (or ten) of panic when I thought I broke my bobbin case with a row and a half left to go.  I thought the bobbin was empty, so I went to pull it out of the case and the check spring fell out too.  After reading posts in the FB group about it, I finally found a description of how to reinsert it that made sense.  Whew! Disaster averted.  I started binding last night and only have about 380 inches left to go.  I have 10 days.  No sweat, right?

I was feeling good about it until I realized that I still have to embroider 10 shirts and make a teacher gift in that time or less.  I can do this.  I can do this.  I can do this.

At least the decorating and wrapping is done.

Finally, Some Breathing Room

We have now officially ended our FLL season.  The boys won the Innovative Solution award at the Southern state competition, but were not selected to move forward with the Global Innovation Award.  They were in the top 13 teams in the state, and one of the youngest.  So it's an honor, but we're still disappointed that no reason was given why they weren't selected.  I am proud of this year's team because the kids did the work.  We also had the opportunity to do a little outreach in our community last night.  It was a lot of fun and we're hoping to do more.

This is the first free Wednesday night we've had since July.  I almost don't know what to do with my time.  Ha ha.  Of course I jest because I have a to-do list a mile long.

My quilt guild meets this week and we will be exchanging our mug rugs and also having a gift exchange.  This leads me down a path a bit...the intent of the exchange is for each person to bring one nice gift and then we exchange them by drawing a number and selecting a gift from the pile. Each person after number one has the option to draw a new gift or take someone else's already opened gift.  

What do you call this kind of exchange?  It was labeled first as "Dirty Santa" but someone said that's usually done with risqué gifts.  It was then relabeled as "White Elephant."  To me, White Elephant indicates a tacky but useful gift.  However, I have lived in several regions of the country and it seems to mean something a little different in each place.  

So it should be interesting.  Nice gifts, tacky gifts, something in between?  Here's what I have so far ($20 limit).
I've also been very sloooowwwllly working on the fish quilt.  I have two of the six seams for the main top done.  Then there are two sets of borders, quilting, and binding remaining.  18 days to finish it.  😬

Can you find the "oopsie"?  Poor fabric cutting?  ha ha
I am hoping to start priming the basement this weekend.  Although painting isn't my favorite thing, I'm ready to get the show on the road.