Block Eleven

Wow!  Hard to believe there's only one block left in this series.  Without further ado, here is block 11:
Block Eleven--"Perennial Petals"
Designed by Sweetwater

Civil War Quilt--Block 7

Yay!  Finally an easy one!  This one is called Sherman's March, Lincoln's Platform, or Monkey Wrench.

Finished Charity Quilt

I finally finished my Quilts for Kids charity quilt this week.  I mostly followed the suggested quilting, although I changed up the outer border a bit.  I rolled the backing over to the front for binding, which I'd never done before, and zigzag stitched it down as suggested in the directions.  After washing and drying it per the instructions, I photographed it and then sent it on its way back to the Quilts for Kids HQ.  Hopefully it will soon be in the arms of a happy child.

I quilted it during the first day of our three day monsoon this week, so the photos are pretty poor since the quality of light was not optimal that day.  I really wanted to get it back to the charity, so I didn't want to wait until our weather improved to get better pictures.

Civil War Quilt--Block 6

Here are the Dolly Madison Star blocks for month six.  They win the award for the worst-looking blocks I have EVER pieced.  They are wavy and many of the points don't match.  I'm not sure what happened because all my pieces matched the templates given, but when they were sewn, nothing matched up right.  After a while, I was so frustrated I was content to leave them all wonky just to be done with them.  Oh well, onward and upward.