Civil War Quilt--Block 6

2023 update: I no longer have this pattern. It is still commercially available from the designer. Please do not ask me for the pattern; please go honor the creator and purchase a legal copy.

Here are the Dolly Madison Star blocks for month six.  They win the award for the worst-looking blocks I have EVER pieced.  They are wavy and many of the points don't match.  I'm not sure what happened because all my pieces matched the templates given, but when they were sewn, nothing matched up right.  After a while, I was so frustrated I was content to leave them all wonky just to be done with them.  Oh well, onward and upward.

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  1. I'm just finishing up block 5 And am just about to say its good enough. A bit wonky but really over my skill level. Not looking forward to block 6 at all! I'll be very happy if it turns out as well as yours did.