Yellow RSC blocks and PHD Report

I am happy to report that I completed my yellow RSC blocks for this month. Here they were in progress. I tend to just pick out all the small scraps, press them, and just fit them together as I go.

Here are the completed blocks. 

Tutorial is at mmmquilts.

And all of the blocks so far. I'm happy that I'm looking at a different project on the design wall now that Log Cabin Stars is a top. The downside is that it's hard to get a nice picture of things on the design wall. The lighting is always weird.

I'm not so happy to report that I don't have anything to add to my PHD report for this month. I am making progress, just haven't moved anything into the completed list. 

I'm hoping that since there are still a few more days this month, I may be able to move one thing over. I want to get the bias binding onto the sweatshirt jacket. I ordered a bias tape maker from Amazon that got delivered last night--JoAnn doesn't have any in stock anymore even though I've purchased several other sizes there in the past.

I've been quilting up a storm. Let's look at all the beauties, shall we? *Be sure to scroll all the way down to the end!*

First is Amber's baby quilt. I quilted this one with hand-guided loopy meander.

Next is Carol T.'s Nashville quilt, quilted with Notes (music notes). This design came preloaded on my Intelliquilter, but you can buy it as well.

Then I quilted Two Simple on Sharon's Irish Chain quilt. This quilt is HUGE! I think this is the fourth one of these I've quilted for her?

Next up is Brenda's Lion King quilt. She and her family selected the Jungle Party design. 

Sara's flamingo quilt is quilted with Gulf Stream. Did you know that I love flamingos? I even have a little flamingo mascot in my sewing room that my friend Annie gave me. I'll have to take a picture sometime.

I quilted Megan's quilt with Propel. This quilt had Swedish Fish fabric, popcorn, heart suckers, fancy pancakes, and so much more. She's a newer quilter and she did a nice job, especially considering how large the quilt is.

Amber let my daughter and I select the final design for her kitty quilt. We picked Clamour Cat. It's so cute!

And the final one belongs to Penny. She selected Loop the Loop for her Ruby Star quilt. It's looking really good. I got about half way through it yesterday, so I'll be finishing it up today. Random aside: I've had two separate friends tell me recently that Ruby Star fabric smells sweet/maple syrup-like when you iron it. I can say that I noticed that while steaming Penny's quilt back. Have you ever noticed it? We're wondering if it's just the metallics.

I think many of you participated in the Villa Rosa blog hop recently, either as makers or participants. I was lucky enough to win two prizes. The first one has arrived--I won a quilt! I really like the fabrics the maker used for this (was it Tricia?). 

I hope you enjoyed this mini quilt show. Next Wednesday will be the May OMG link up, so my regular post will be on Thursday again.

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  1. Oh I really like these, they are great scrappy blocks. Cant wait to see your finished quilt. Thank you so much for always linking up to Put your foot down.

  2. Your yellow stars are gorgeous! As to that PHD, you're making progress so I'm sure that you'll be moving several projects over to the "finished" side fairly soon. Congratulations!

  3. I think crumb block units add alot of class to blocks ... love your colorful stars

  4. I love crumb blocks and stars! Yours look great!

  5. Great use of all those tiny yellow scraps, Anne-Marie!!! Quilting 8 quilts in one week is quite an accomplishment! Now I want some Ruby Star just so I can press it and test that maple syrup theory! Congrats on winning the VRD quilt! What's your other prize?

  6. Loving your collection of Crumb Stars for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!

  7. Whoo hoo!!! Congrats on finishing your yellow blocks!!!! They are bright and happy!!!