Quilts for Kids

I've been a bit off-task again...imagine that! I did fully complete the test quilt I was working on, Starlight. I made the baby size using dinosaur fabrics. 

I have finished all four Quilts for Kids quilts I was working on. The first one I shared last week. I quilted it with the Coquina design.

Then I made one with a fishing theme and quilted it with Tread Lightly.

My daughter and I put together this one in under an hour. Well, the top anyway. I quilted it using variegated thread and the Whoop-De-Doo design.

Finally, I was able to sort of get the frog pantograph I drew to stitch out. It needs work, but it was okay to get this Grogu quilt done. The backing fabric has Grogu and frogs on it.

I had four more I had completed over the last few years. The space themed quilt, quilted with Driftwood back in June.

The butterfly quilt, quilted with In the Swirls, completed in January.

The unicorn panel quilt, quilted with a star and circle pattern, July 2021.

And this weird baby circus quilt, quilted with Unwind, May 2021.

I'll be shipping all eight to Quilts for Kids today.

I quilted two t-shirt quilts for Toni as well, both with the Malachite pattern. 

I've begun the epic deep-clean of the house, watched a few Intelliquilter classes from the Machine Quilting Academy, and helped with robotics--the first tournament of the season is on Saturday.

I found out that presser feet can indeed go bad. This is the bottom of my 37 foot (1/4" foot for Bernina) 😳. All those gold places are deep grooves worn in. I bought a new one since they were on sale this month.

I won Left-Right-Center at the guild holiday party. We each brought $15 in $5s to play and all the money ($245) was donated to a local women's shelter. My consolation prize was a small fat quarter bundle. 

I also drove my son's car to pick him up after a math competition. I felt like I was driving a go cart down the road!

I found out that deer have basically destroyed one of the pine trees we had planted earlier this year and done damage to a second one. 😡

I've taken enough pictures of squirrels on our deck that "squirrel" is now one of my phone's auto-ID categories--apparently having three photos qualifies. LOL.

And I received a jury duty summons. 😒 I'll be on call for the whole month of February--except I'm gonna be at Quilt Con for part of that and we have two more robotics competitions in February and a quilt retreat. They won't care that I already had plans. Yippee.

I have not yet started my December OMG. I have two quilts left to quilt for others and a few gifts to make. Wish me luck!


  1. Jury Duty during QuiltCon?! You've got to be kidding!! That's right up there with jury duty during childbirth or open heart surgery. QuiltCon should totally excuse you! Very cool that you drew your own E2E design, too!

  2. The children's quilts are so cute! I also had a presser foot go bad several years ago, it happens. One time my husband was called for jury duty when he had plans. He took proof of his reservation and cattle entries (NAILE in Louisville) to the office and he was excused but maybe Elkhart County is more lenient?

  3. Great job on the quilts for kids!!! We had a deer do that same thing to a young tree--it has survived, with a scar. I got a jury duty call for one year! But never got called up! Let's hope they don't need you during February. LOL on the squirrel ID!!!

  4. The quilts for kids are fabulous and such a sweet place to send quilts! I found out the other day that if you are over 70, you can be excused from Jury Duty...who knew?

  5. What a great collection you have made. Such simple patterns can be so effective.