Quilting Progress

I've been trying to make a dent in my quilting stash.  Of course, whenever I make a dent it is immediately filled right back in....  I think most of the time I qualify as a topper rather than a quilter.  :(  Anyway, I was in need of binding fabric for the Mini Northern Lights quilt.  Friday I got back to the shop where I bought the fabric and found the matching binding fabric I wanted.  And now I have my first finished quilt of the year.  

I've also been trying to work on the quilt I had on the design wall.  I thought it was a really easy quilt.  It mostly is, but I found it really tedious to mark all the center edges of each block.  I've been plodding along with all the pinning, doing a few rows each day.  The main part of the quilt is together now.  I just have to add the borders.  There is a shop near here that rents out longarm time.  Since I'm not particularly in love with this quilt, I think it would be a great candidate for trying out the longarm.  Maybe I'll have a second finish soon!
So many pins!

I am taking a quilt class with Kimberly Einmo in March.  Over the weekend I did the preparatory cutting for that since I have a pretty busy work and kids' activities schedule between now and the class.

Today I arranged all my bird quilt squares onto the design wall.  My kids are home from school today (second day in a row!) so my daughter grudgingly helped me put the squares on the wall.  Can you tell which ones I did and which she did?!  For ease of putting everything on the wall, I went four across and three up and down, but the real quilt will be three across and four up and down.  I totally love the colors for this one!  My laundry room lighting isn't very good for photography, but once I have this sewn, I can maybe get a better picture.

One last thing to show:  I wanted some pins to mark each row.  I made my own since the commercially available ones are quite pricey.  They helped tremendously with keeping the columns in order on the blue quilt.

Funny Things #11

Not funny, per se, but it made us smile!