The Owl Birthday Party

We recently hosted an owl-themed slumber party.  I used Pinterest and Etsy to find inspiration.  My first challenge was to make owl-shaped lollipops.  I found some owl candy molds on eBay and combined several recipes I found online.  I did a trial run using root beer flavoring and brown gel food coloring.  I found that I needed to work much faster at pouring the flavored candy into the molds because I had to reheat it several times in the microwave in order to get all the candy poured out.

For the party, my daughter wanted hot pink, cherry flavored lollipops.  Here's my process:
Waiting for the sugar/cornstarch/water blend to heat up.  Takes forever (or so it seems)!

Prepared molds, flavoring, coloring, and measuring cup with spout.

Oops, my cherry flavoring mostly dumped on the counter.  Also, I didn't put in enough food coloring because they came out red.  Finally, I had to reheat the mix in the microwave and apparently I got it too hot because the first one in the right tray burnt the cooking spray and came out way darker.  The second one in the right tray was from the same reheat and it came out okay.

After I was done.  I put my candy thermometer onto the paper towel right from the pan and it stuck to the paper towel.  My scraper also stained this time, although it didn't on my trial run with the brown coloring.
Finished lollis.

Gift bags!

I monogrammed washcloths for each of the guests with their favorite colors.  We purchased owl soaps from Elizabeth at Imaginary Bee on Etsy (  We chose the color and scent.  Elizabeth was fantastic to work with.  I recommend her highly!

Close-up of soap.

We ordered cake pops from Sugar Daddy's, a local bakery as a surprise.  These were so delicious!

We created a follow the clue scavenger hunt for the girls.  After they finished our clues, they had to make a hunt for us.  After we found all their clues, they got the cake pops for a reward.  The extras were bagged and put in the goody bags to take home.

We made bottlecap necklaces and key chains.  Each girl made two necklaces and a key chain.  We had different owl images and customized chevrons with their names for them to choose from.  I purchased the owl images and the customizable chevron images on Etsy.  The necklaces were a kit and so were the key chains, again both purchased from Etsy sellers.

Finally, here are our owl centerpiece and owl cupcakes.  Both ideas were found on Pinterest. You can follow me on Pinterest at this link.