365 Challenge Week 30

I've managed to stay caught up on the daily 3" blocks this week, but still haven't gotten the 6" block border added.

July 26
July 27
July 28 
July 29
July 30--I had my daughter choose the fabrics today.  I like it.
July 31
August 1

Birthday Swap

I have reeeived all five packages I'm expecting for my turn in the birthday swap.  I saved them to open on my birthday and the reveal was so fun!  My husband and kids watched me open each one.

First is a package from Tara.  There is an adorable strawberry mini, the pattern to make the full size quilt, some Aurifil, Riley Blake buttons, a Frixion pen, two pink thread/bobbin things (I'm excited these are flexible because I think my Bernina bobbins will actually fit on them!), and some Bonnie & Camille Handmade fabric!!
Next is a package from Ange.  It came all the way from Australia and I've been saving it for most of the month.  It was so tough not to just rip into it!  She made me this lovely butterfly zipper pouch. It was stuffed full of all the goodies pictured--two washi tapes, some cupcake twill ribbon, a package of mini clothespins, two fat quarters that have a marvelous hand, and the pad of paper to the right.  It has three different styles of paper inside--the one pictured, a shopping list, and a weekly planner.

I also received this wonderful package from Rebecca.  She got so many of the things I love.  She made me a beautiful mini quilt.  And wrapped some of the things in the pineapple paper (I love pineapples.  And strawberries and cherries and apples and pears and blueberries.)  There is some Hello Darling mini charms, pencils in some of my favorite colors, little clothespins with the days of the week, Jelly Bellies, Lemonheads, a pretty notebook, and a little card with a quote from J.K. Rowling.

This one came from Jennifer in Germany.  She made me a little fabric basket, a pincushion, and a pencil case and included some "cake" and also some pencils, ruler, eraser, and sharpener.  The little basket is the perfect size for charm squares.  My kids are getting a kick out of the ruler being in centimeters.
 Such bright, cheerful colors.
The last package is from Tanya.  Not gonna lie, I've been looking forward to the mascara all year!  She made me a table runner and included a table runner book, some thread, a mini charm pack, some hexi papers, fabric glue sticks, sewing pins, mechanical pencils, and a really cool pin.  It's hard to see, but the pin says "rockin' my sew-jo!".  And it was all in the cool pink bubble mailer at the bottom left.

I'm so glad I was the last one in this swap.  I've received some wonderful things and it's just a great way to finish off this swap.

365 Challenge Week 29

I'm caught up on the blocks this week although I still haven't had time to do the 6" block border. Maybe next week.  These are all 3" blocks.
July 16
July 17
July 18
July 19
July 20
July 21
July 22
July 23
July 24
July 25

Funny Things #28

When your Passat is passe, you change it to this:

As seen at Lowes.

Fig Tree Mystery Sampler, Months 1-6

I am completely caught up (for the moment) on all my Fig Tree blocks.  Lots of photos:

All the blocks so far... 
Another view of all the blocks.
Month 1 blocks
Month 2
Month 3
Month 4--I really like these, particularly the red button block.
The little trees are what I was stuck on for so long.
Month 5--I was sewing the Union Jacks on Fourth of July.  Seemed kinda wrong.  :}
Month 6--the big block is like a mini quilt all by itself!  The butterflies were super easy.
I finally took the time to appliqué all the flower centers from this month and month 1.

I finished my #HughJassPineapple quilt a few weeks ago.  Picture is in the 2016 finishes tab.

365 Challenge Week 28

Ugh!  Behind again, although for good reasons, what with creating the free PDF for the mini quilt this week and getting totally caught up on the Fig Tree Mystery blocks, and retrieving my children from their grandparents many, many miles away.  Anyway, I still haven't put the 6" block borders on the quilt.  I'm also a bit behind on the daily blocks.  Here's what I did get done this week--all 3" blocks:

July 12
July 13
July 14
July 15

Valley Girl Mini Quilt Pattern

I have, as promised, created a free pattern for the barn quilt swap mini I made. You are free to create quilts to keep, share, or sell with the pattern.  I just ask that if you want to share the pattern, you direct the person here to download their own copy rather than printing off a spare.  If you should have any questions, use my contact button (in the right column, all the way at the bottom) to send me a message.

To download the Valley Girl Mini PDF, click here.

365 Challenge Week 27

This week we finished off the last of the 6" blocks for now and then switched over to more small 3" blocks.  We can now add all the 6" blocks to the quilt top.  I haven't gotten that far yet, but hope to catch up during the week.
July 5--6"
July 6--6".   All HST made with scraps from previous blocks.
July 7--the start of the smaller blocks
July 8
July 9
July 10
July 11

Bonnie & Camille Barn Quilt Swap

The swapping of the minis has happened.  I made my partner my version of the Wyoming Valley quilt block (Nancy Cabot/Loretta Leitner Rising, 1930s in the Chicago Tribune) and what I consider to be a pretty epic extra--a mini mini barn with a barn quilt on it!  Here's what I sent her:
My partner's name is Ginger--I thought she needed a ruler with her name on it! :)
Finished size is 18" x 18"
Quilting detail
Here is my mini mini.  The barn quilt block is by SLO Studio, available on Craftsy.
I printed my pattern out at 65% of its original size and added the "grass" at the bottom.
I need to make this for myself too!  I forgot to measure, but it ended up around 5" x 6".
I used a single fold binding as outlined on Crazy Mom Quilts' blog.  She rocks!
I received my mini in the mail yesterday.  Isn't it pretty?  All my favorite colors and I'm so glad she (Erin) used some of the bird fabric; it's one of my favorites! And so many different Bonnie & Camille lines--Miss Kate, Daysail, Vintage Picnic, Hello Darling...
And on the back are more fun prints, including the navy fruit print, which I adore (and don't have any of...yet)! 

And she made me a fabric basket.  Can you believe this is my first one?  It's so cute.  I can't wait till my sewing room is done and I have somewhere to display this.

I am still planning to share my tutorial for the block I made.  I really hoped it would be ready to go today, but life intervened and now I am playing catch-up on pretty much everything, not just sewing.  I will share it soon, promise.