Bonnie & Camille Barn Quilt Swap

The swapping of the minis has happened.  I made my partner my version of the Wyoming Valley quilt block (Nancy Cabot/Loretta Leitner Rising, 1930s in the Chicago Tribune) and what I consider to be a pretty epic extra--a mini mini barn with a barn quilt on it!  Here's what I sent her:
My partner's name is Ginger--I thought she needed a ruler with her name on it! :)
Finished size is 18" x 18"
Quilting detail
Here is my mini mini.  The barn quilt block is by SLO Studio, available on Craftsy.
I printed my pattern out at 65% of its original size and added the "grass" at the bottom.
I need to make this for myself too!  I forgot to measure, but it ended up around 5" x 6".
I used a single fold binding as outlined on Crazy Mom Quilts' blog.  She rocks!
I received my mini in the mail yesterday.  Isn't it pretty?  All my favorite colors and I'm so glad she (Erin) used some of the bird fabric; it's one of my favorites! And so many different Bonnie & Camille lines--Miss Kate, Daysail, Vintage Picnic, Hello Darling...
And on the back are more fun prints, including the navy fruit print, which I adore (and don't have any of...yet)! 

And she made me a fabric basket.  Can you believe this is my first one?  It's so cute.  I can't wait till my sewing room is done and I have somewhere to display this.

I am still planning to share my tutorial for the block I made.  I really hoped it would be ready to go today, but life intervened and now I am playing catch-up on pretty much everything, not just sewing.  I will share it soon, promise.

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