Queen Bee Quilt, Block 3

Block three is two little baskets done using paper piecing.  Paper piecing is really not my thing, so I was a little nervous about attempting these.  The directions were very clear so it wasn't too painful. I changed up the colors a little from the original--isn't that part of the fun of quilting?
In progress

Queen Bee Quilt Block 2

Block two in the Queen Bee Quilt involves machine appliqué using the blind hem stitch on your machine.  It also uses interfacing to make the appliqué shapes.  Here are my shapes traced onto the interfacing and ready to sew.

Here are my shapes part way through the turning process.  I ended up having to use the bodkin to turn them since my fingers are way too large to fit in those tiny shapes.

Here is the first step in the appliqué process.  Once all the shapes were turned, having the interfacing fused to the background was a nice help.  Using the blind stitch on the machine made sewing the blocks go quickly.  If I had to hand-applique each block it would probably sit there another 10 years.


I found that my red shapes were not nearly as accurate as I had thought.  I knew my "circles" wouldn't be perfect.  My machine stitch was almost invisible on the leaves, but really showed on the petals.  Maybe because it was a batik?  The original block was purple myrtle.  I chose red, so maybe mine is a hibiscus?  Anyway, the blocks are done and I learned a new technique.  

Queen Bee Quilt

I'm trying to make an effort to finish more projects from my stash.  Like I've said before, I'm better at the buying than the finishing.  Sigh.

Here is a project has been sitting around in my fabric storage area for a while.  The book was published in 1999.  I probably bought it around then. The book promises to take you from a beginner to an intermediate quilter.  I'm pretty sure I'm already at the intermediate level, but there are some techniques used in the book that I've never attempted (English paper piecing and hexagons, an unusual appliqué method) and there are some that I've tried before but still strike fear into my heart (paper piecing!  hand appliqué!).

I vaguely remember purchasing some of the fabrics when my daughter was two or three years old.  Make that 14 months old--just found this picture:

I probably made the first block in 2003 or 2004.  Ten years, three more jobs in four more locations, nine addresses, and another child later, here I am, deciding to make this quilt top.  

Here is the block (block 1 in the book) I made so long ago.  I used that green with yellow circle print in the center of the block to make my daughter a shirt many years ago.  I guess it was in 2003.  I thought she was older, but the baby picture tells otherwise.  Time sure does fly!

block 1

Funny Things #2

I saw this while driving in Indiana last summer.  The first is what I saw, the second is a zoomed view.

Strawberry Quilt

My daughter LOVES strawberries.  When I saw this cute quilt pattern, I knew I had to buy it for her.  Last week we chose fabrics for the quilt.  I am hoping to make it this summer.  We'll see...I'm better at buying than actually sewing and especially quilting my projects.

That cute strawberry print is for the back.  We'll use the pink chevron for blocks and binding.

Civil War Quilt--Block 8

2023 update: I no longer have this pattern. It is still commercially available from the designer. Please do not ask me for the pattern; please go honor the creator and purchase a legal copy.

This block is called Crown of Thorns.  It was hard to finish.  I don't care for the colors, especially the stripe.  It makes me think of bugs.  The fabrics  shrunk oddly as I was pressing, both before and after piecing.  The blocks are lumpy and not perfect and I am okay with that!