Queen Bee Quilt Block 2

Block two in the Queen Bee Quilt involves machine appliqué using the blind hem stitch on your machine.  It also uses interfacing to make the appliqué shapes.  Here are my shapes traced onto the interfacing and ready to sew.

Here are my shapes part way through the turning process.  I ended up having to use the bodkin to turn them since my fingers are way too large to fit in those tiny shapes.

Here is the first step in the appliqué process.  Once all the shapes were turned, having the interfacing fused to the background was a nice help.  Using the blind stitch on the machine made sewing the blocks go quickly.  If I had to hand-applique each block it would probably sit there another 10 years.


I found that my red shapes were not nearly as accurate as I had thought.  I knew my "circles" wouldn't be perfect.  My machine stitch was almost invisible on the leaves, but really showed on the petals.  Maybe because it was a batik?  The original block was purple myrtle.  I chose red, so maybe mine is a hibiscus?  Anyway, the blocks are done and I learned a new technique.  

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