The Miss Kelly

My father-in-law is a talented master woodworker.  He has been building houses and kitchen cabinets and trim for around 50 years.  Last year he made my daughter a horse pen/stall.  Look here for the pictures of that.  This year Kelly really wanted the Miss Caroline skiff, and here is what he made her:

Kelly and Inkpot in the Miss Kelly
Detail of the name

Wow--Inkpot's eyes are a little off.  I didn't notice before.

Inside of the skiff

How the skiff usually looks--Madison with her Coconut, blankie, and book.

Inspired by Pippaloo

Our family really enjoys seeing Pippaloo's doll food creations.  We get to purchase something every now and again--in case you aren't familiar with Pippaloo, she currently offers new items on Etsy on the 15th of each month at noon EST and things sell out in minutes.  I've had things disappear from my shopping cart as I am checking out.  Seriously, they go THAT fast.  Anyway, my daughter has been trying her hand at making some clay food inspired by Pippaloo.  Here are a few pictures of things she's made.

Her latest creations: a lemon, watermelon slices, caramel, caramel apples, yams, a block of cream cheese,
pumpkin pie, and suckers.  I forget what the chocolate circles are--maybe thin mints?
And a penguin for fun...NOT FOOD!
Her first food creations--a carrot cake and some cookies.

Close up view of her caramel apples.

Detail shot--I'm a bit behind on the baking and finishing part of the job.