Civil War Quilt Block 10

2023 update: I no longer have this pattern. It is still commercially available from the designer. Please do not ask me for the pattern; please go honor the creator and purchase a legal copy.

So, these blocks are obviously not done.  Something is wrong--I think the rhombus roof piece template is too big.  The second chimney is supposed to line up with the edge of the roof and it's about 1/4" off on both pieces.  I need to take these apart and fix them, but have been dragging my feet.  Not a fan of the Y-seam intersection on them either. 

Funny Things #7

Here's a really dedicated Hello Kitty fan!  We saw this one at the mall.

It's Been a While

I haven't been very good at getting things done for the last month or so.  We went on vacation in October, so I was busy preparing for the trip prior to that.  We got home and it took a week to catch up.  You know, the whole I-need-a-vacation-to-recover-from-my-vacation-type thing.  Throw in a few unexpected health issues, lots of extra work hours at my external job, a demanding but worthwhile online class, the kids' school and activities, and before you know it, a month or more has flown by with seemingly little to show.  Here's what I have gotten done.

A shirt for my son.
A shirt for my daughter.
These shirts were both designed by me and executed by my husband.  We used heat transfer vinyl and the Silhouette Cameo for these.  He did the pattern for the Cameo, the cutting, and the pressing.  We used an iron and I couldn't press hard enough for them to transfer.  Isn't he awesome?

Next, a few quilting projects.  First, a dog that my daughter made with some help from me.  We were working on following directions and sewing an accurate seam.  It sort of worked.  The pattern by Jo Carter was found in Issue 8 of Love Patchwork & Quilting magazine.

My daughter's dog.
I've been working on this mini quilt made using the Mini Northern Lights pattern by Jaybird Quilts.  I used her Mini Hex N More keychain ruler to make it.  I bought the pattern and ruler in Shipshewana this summer.  I still need to square it up and bind it.  It's around 13" x 16".  The photo really shows where I wasn't super consistent in my intersection matching.  Sigh.  It looks better in person.