Quilting Progress and Other Updates

I've been working on more of the Queen Bee quilt blocks.  It's been so long since I worked on this quilt.  My last posts on it were June 2014!!  You can type in "Queen Bee quilt" in the search bar to the right and the other posts will show up.
Block 4:  I'm the Queen Bee
Block 6:  Doily Vine
You will notice I skipped block 5.  That's because it's English Paper Piecing, which I've never done before.  It looks like a pain.  I don't particularly enjoy hand stitching, so I will put it off until the end.  

Also, if you happen to have the Let's Bee Quiltin' book and haven't made your quilt yet, I think there was a typo for the size of the vine in block 6.  I got it all done and noticed it seemed way wider than the pictured one.  I decided I didn't feel like ripping it all off to fix it.  Taking a good half inch off the given measurement would work, I think.

I finished the main part of the top of the Bricks & Mortar quilt.  The border fabric is striped and I decided it would look better to miter the corners instead of butting them like the pattern says.  I feel that mitering is really fussy, especially when you have a pattern or stripe you want to line up.  So I have been really putting off working on it.
Ha ha!  I just noticed this photo does not show the inner border.  Oh well!  Next time.
On a side note, I have always hated tearing fabrics (instead of cutting with scissors or rotary cutter).  It just seems so violent.  When I worked at a fabric store some years ago, there were some fabrics we were required to tear.  The ladies I worked with always laughed at my aversion to tearing.  Anyway, I noticed the border fabric for the Bricks & Mortar had been torn.  Look at all the stress and damage on the edge of the fabric.  It makes me sad.  I had to cut off almost 3/8" to get rid of the stress marks.

My son's teacher is having her first baby soon.  We had fun putting together a gift for her that included some of our favorites, including books, toys, and pacifiers.  I made some burp cloths (of course) but didn't photo them.  You can see my tutorial for burp cloths here.  And I made a whole bunch of hair bows.  I was really out of practice but I think they came out okay.  

Coming up:

I'm working on a tutorial for sewing a cube with directional panels.  That should be ready within a few days.  I'm working on a new doll knitting pattern as well.  I'll try to get a sneak peek photo soon.  I have a few more of the Queen Bee blocks almost done.  I will share my Kimberly Einmo class blocks.  Maybe I will even get the borders onto that Bricks & Mortar!

Funny Things #12

Can you find the funny thing in this ad?  Kudos to them for spelling "too" correctly.