Trimmings Mini Quilt

This month has really gotten away from me. Here we are, a few days from Christmas, and I'm not even ready for that, let alone accomplishing the many things I had planned for the month.

Over the past week I finished the last two quilts of the year. This first one belongs to Jeanne and she selected the Cakewalk design for the quilting.
The second one belongs to Toni and she requested Chicken Wire for it.

I quilted and bound a tiny mini--it finishes at 5.5" x 14.5". I mostly did stitch in the ditch using Bottom Line thread. I added a few lines through the borders to make it easier to attach the binding. 

It is made from trimmings from a table runner I made last year. This runner was made using the Farmhouse Christmas pattern by Amanda Niederhauser and I donated to my guild fundraiser.

I've been working on endlessly rearranging all the blocks of my Log Cabin Stars quilt. I haven't hit on the right combination yet. This is the last picture I had in my phone. I think I have shuffled it a bit more since then. I should have made a better color plan than "winging it" when I paired the fabrics.

I've also been hustling to try to get my OMG done. The finish link up will open on Christmas. Will I be done in time? Stay tuned. 

Other things that have been keeping me busy are cleaning, trying to solve our 2 Million Dollar puzzle (it is the hardest puzzle EVER and it has a fast-approaching timeline to claim a prize), and our first robotics competition of the season. 

I'm most of the way through the deep-cleaning of the upstairs. I have part of the office and the master suite remaining. I'll do the basement after Christmas. I got slowed down a little when I dropped(?) a deep dish 9x13 Pyrex full of 12 cups of stuffing. What a giant mess! I found glass over eight feet away both to the left and the right.

I mysteriously got signed up as a volunteer for the robotics competition--like, I didn't sign up, but got an email thanking me for signing up and they also knew my shirt size. So weird. I left my house about 6:15 am Saturday and returned home at 7:30 pm. I had over 11,500 steps just from doing my job of lead queuer. I didn't feel like I'd recovered until Tuesday! Thankfully I had a bunch of teenage boys to do most of the running. I was able to sort of view the rounds our team was in thanks to the kindness of the other adult working the queue line. 

Our boys led the robot scores most of the day, getting knocked down to fourth place in the last couple of rounds. They were chosen by the number two team to join their alliance. We made it to the finals, but did not win. Our team was awarded a second place Control award and a third place Think award as well as being presented the second place alliance trophy, but we did not qualify for the state tournament. We have two more chance to qualify in February, and, as of right now, are ranked third in the state. 

The OMG finish link up will open on Monday. Have a nice holiday and I'll see you next week. 

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  1. Your two minis are super cute, Anne-Marie!!! And your strip piecing is interesting!!! Your log cabin stars quilt is so close!!! I'd say the white stars on very light background stand out the most, so I'd spread those around evenly. Just a thought... Merry Christmas!!!