Swiss Star HST

Things have been rather busy around here. Very little sewing has been accomplished. This is what I did finish.

These are (obviously) the HST units for the Swiss Star QAL I am participating in. I didn't do very well at forming them into a circle. LOL.

My sister and her kids were here Friday evening through Monday afternoon. My sister, her boys, and my daughter all went to a concert in Lexington Saturday. They stayed overnight since it got done late and returned Sunday afternoon. We had my niece and my son. The weather was gorgeous all weekend. Saturday we drove around campus and went in a few of the buildings. We also drove by many fraternities and a few sororities who were "day drinking" (my son's description) on sketchy couches, playing something similar to beer pong, and, in one case, doing a strange dance while standing on a short wall holding one's liquor (or maybe not holding...?). LOL. Below is a picture of campus taken near the psychology building. Can you see all the trees blooming? I love the redbuds, but my allergies do not.

I went jeans shopping with my daughter a few weeks ago. While she was successful, I was not. I tried on everything they had in Kohls and Wal-Mart in multiple sizes and NOTHING fit. I was really sweating what I was going to do because all of my jeans are 10-12 years old and wearing out. I even started looking at sewing my own. My sister brought tons of pairs of jeans from Meijer for me to try and I found three pairs that fit. What a relief!

N. and my husband made bunny treats for Easter.

My house is very tidy right now since I spent a lot of time cleaning and organizing before they came. Usually my sewing room is the cleanest spot, but not right now. Yesterday the weather was garbage so I didn't want to risk running the long arm. My computer also did an update and then the internet didn't work for a few hours on that device. I've been doing a ton of business-related things, most of which I'm not ready to share yet, but I can share that my quilting business is now an LLC!

I quilted a few things and bound many quilts over the past week. I bound all of Jeri's three quilts from last week.

I quilted and bound Donna's quilt. It's pretty hard to see the quilting because she chose very fine thread. The design is Flirtatious.

I also quilted Carol T.'s quilt with Mike's Swoosh. This is basically a two-sided quilt--the back is various-width strips.

It was a bit of a surprise that I have amassed a full box of magna bobbin cores. I'll send them in for recycling soon. It's taken me around four years to fill this box.

We are in the path of totality for the solar eclipse on Monday. I hope the weather will allow us to see it.

See you next week. Until then, happy sewing.


  1. Fun colors on your Swiss Star!!! Stellar quilting, as always! Those bunny treats are too cute!!!

  2. Great hst's! Black always pops brights! Your bunny treats look yummy!

  3. Day drinking eh? That sounds dangerous - as in I would fall asleep b y 2 in the afternoon ha ha! Congrats on being an LLC - that takes work!! But its a good move - now if you need help with trademarking I have a contact for you!!!