Finally, Some Breathing Room

We have now officially ended our FLL season.  The boys won the Innovative Solution award at the Southern state competition, but were not selected to move forward with the Global Innovation Award.  They were in the top 13 teams in the state, and one of the youngest.  So it's an honor, but we're still disappointed that no reason was given why they weren't selected.  I am proud of this year's team because the kids did the work.  We also had the opportunity to do a little outreach in our community last night.  It was a lot of fun and we're hoping to do more.

This is the first free Wednesday night we've had since July.  I almost don't know what to do with my time.  Ha ha.  Of course I jest because I have a to-do list a mile long.

My quilt guild meets this week and we will be exchanging our mug rugs and also having a gift exchange.  This leads me down a path a bit...the intent of the exchange is for each person to bring one nice gift and then we exchange them by drawing a number and selecting a gift from the pile. Each person after number one has the option to draw a new gift or take someone else's already opened gift.  

What do you call this kind of exchange?  It was labeled first as "Dirty Santa" but someone said that's usually done with risqué gifts.  It was then relabeled as "White Elephant."  To me, White Elephant indicates a tacky but useful gift.  However, I have lived in several regions of the country and it seems to mean something a little different in each place.  

So it should be interesting.  Nice gifts, tacky gifts, something in between?  Here's what I have so far ($20 limit).
I've also been very sloooowwwllly working on the fish quilt.  I have two of the six seams for the main top done.  Then there are two sets of borders, quilting, and binding remaining.  18 days to finish it.  😬

Can you find the "oopsie"?  Poor fabric cutting?  ha ha
I am hoping to start priming the basement this weekend.  Although painting isn't my favorite thing, I'm ready to get the show on the road.  

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