2014 and Earlier Finishes

2014...Quilts for Kids charity quilt--they sent me the fabric and I assembled it and sent it back.
2014...This was supposed to be my daughter's project.  In the end, she ran the foot pedal to sew some of the charms together and I did everything else.

2013...One of my favorite projects ever!  This is a little mug rug I made for a guild paper piecing challenge.  I struggle with paper piecing and I was so pleased this came out.  I even hand appliquéd the fox, and I hate hand appliqué!  And I used only fabrics and thread from my stash, which is always a plus!

2013...I gave this one to my mom.  It's made with Moda Papillon fabrics and a Schnibbles pattern by Miss Rosie.

2012...I made this for my niece.  This was a kit I purchased at a show in Virginia.  Luckily I found matching backing at a later date to finish it.  Awful photo, isn't it?

2012...Made for my nephew from a kit I purchased in Indiana.  Another awful photo; it was a quickie before wrapping.  

2012...Made for my other nephew; kit purchased on Etsy.  And yet another awful photo; again right before wrapping.  I finished both of these bindings in the car on the way home for Christmas.

2011 or 12?...For my daughter, from a kit she chose and I purchased at the Lancaster AQS show.  Minky on the back/binding.

2011 or 12?...For my son.  Again from a kit of his choosing from Lancaster and with Minky.

This one was made as a store sample.  It's around 24" square(-ish).  My best guess on when it was made is somewhere between 2003 and 2006.  I love the pattern and hate the fabrics I used.  Machine quilted.
I absolutely adore this quilt.  I bought the top as a kit from Better Homes & Gardens in the late 1990s.  I hand-quilted this one--I think this may be the last quilt I ever hand-quilted.  Finished in 2003.  It's 41 x 56.5".
This was a class sample for the beginning quilting class I taught in the early 2000s.  It was finished in 2003.  Machine quilted.  About 48 x 60".
I taught someone how to quilt using this pattern.  I use this one all the time on my bed.  I finished it in 2003.  Machine quilted.  41 x 56.5".
I taught a friend to quilt using this pattern.  It was machine quilted and I finished it in 2002 or 2003.  Not sure on the size.  I gave it to my cousin's son when he was born.
This one was also made and displayed in the store where I worked.  The pattern was called Splintered Arrow, it measures 27 x 27", and was hand-quilted.  I finished it in February 2002.  I'm not really sure where this one ended up.
This was my original class sample for beginning quilting.  It was being displayed in the store to advertise my class.  Unfortunately, someone broke into the store and set it on fire.  This quilt, along with two others I don't have pictures of, were lost in the fire.  I also made a replacement for another that was lost in the fire, but I don't have any pictures of it and I don't know where it went.  Anyway, this one is 48 x 60", finished February 2002.
Baby Bear quilt given to my niece for her birth in October 2000.  35 x 35".
Baby quilt #2.  October 2000.  34.75" x 45"
Baby quilt #1.  34.75 x 45".  July 2000.

This is my blue challenge quilt from Harmony Quilters.  Each member of the guild gave you a piece of blue fabric.  You had a year to finish a quilt using a recognizable piece of each fabric.  Pattern was called True Blue.   I use this on my bed. 58.5 x 82".  Hand quilted.  Finished April 2000.
This one was called Oh, Baby, Baby and I gave it to my cousin's baby who was born in August 1999. It measures 45.5 x 57.5".  I'm pretty sure it was hand quilted.
This was my purple challenge for Harmony Quilters.  Again, we exchanged purple fabrics and had a year to complete a quilt using a recognizable piece of each fabric.  The purples I received are all the hearts.  This one won third place in the guild.  It was called Hearts and Flowers.  36 x 36".  I gave it to a neighbor in 2010ish.  I guess she still has it?
This is my USA quilt.  I drew out the pattern myself.  It's 90 x 90" and we use it on our bed when it's really cold out.  I finished it in December 1998 and the entire thing is hand-quilted.
I made this quilt during a meeting of Harmony Quilters.  I love the fabrics I used on this one.  It's called Tessellation Quilt.  23 x 23".  Finished October 1998.

A baby quilt for my friend's first child.  Called A Star is Born.  39.5 x 39.5".  This one was all flannel and hand quilted.  Finished October 1998.

Barrister's Block quilt.  38 x 38", hand quilted.  I'm not sure if my neighbor took this one too or quite what happened to it.
Another A Star is Born quilt.  I made this one for my oldest nephew's birth in April 1998.  39.5 x 39.5".  Flannel, hand-quilted.
I made this for my grandma.  Then my uncle had it and eventually I got it back, but I don't know what I did with it.  Rail fence, 60 x 60".  December 1997.
Baby Bear made for my cousin's oldest child.  October 1997.  35 x 35".  I loved this quilt.
Simple Joys.  45 x 45".  Finished December 1997.  Gave to my mother in law.  I think she still has it.  I totally loved this one.  Maybe I should make another?  
Uncle Sam.  22.5 x 29".  Finished January 1997.  Gave to my sister in law.  Not sure if it's still in existence.
This last one gets the place of honor.  This is my first quilt.  I taught myself how to quilt from a book called "Teach Yourself to Quilt".  The whole thing was done using templates. I think it took me six months to a year to finish.  I hand quilted the entire thing.  I finished it in July 1996 during the Summer Olympics.  It's 78.5 x 93".


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