On why I would never sell an entire doll outfit for $8.99

It really bothers me when I see people selling entire doll outfits for $8.99 or $10.  You're probably saying, "8.99?  For the whole thing?  That's cheap; I'd totally buy that."  Well, it is cheap.  In most cases, too cheap.  I'm left wondering what is the seller's motivation.  Assume the seller is using Jo-Ann or Wal-Mart-type fabrics.  Add in the cheapest thread, some Velcro, elastic, maybe some ribbon, ric-rac, or other embellishment.  Factor in electricity, listing and selling fees, and Paypal fees.  By the time the person has sold her $8.99 item, she is probably only clearing a few dollars at best.  Now compare that with the time she spent making the item(s).

I guess if the point is just to clear a few bucks, then fine. However, I value my time and prefer not to work for less than $10/hour.  I also tend to favor designer fabrics and nicer thread, so I spend more on my materials up front in order to make a quality, lasting piece.  I try to find fabrics and embellishments that are in scale with the size of the doll whenever possible.  That takes time and can cost more.  These are, of course, my personal preferences. 

That being said, I just wish people would respect themselves and their artistry and not brag about how cheap their prices are compared to others.  If you are sewing or crafting to make money, then please stop undercutting yourself and others.  Have some respect, do the math, and pay yourself at least a living wage.

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