Stripes Should Match!

Life has been crazy lately.  Not only have we had the general busy-ness that back-to-school brings, but last week we had not only an earthquake but also a hurricane.  We've been without power for almost four days now, which really stinks.  We replaced my junky former top-of-the-line Viking sewing machine with a cheap Brother embroidery machine (which works way better than the Viking did) and a nice mid-line Bernina sewing machine.  I barely had time to try out the sewing machine before Mother Nature threw all this crazy stuff at us.  :(

Thankfully the generator can run the computer and internet for a little bit, so I am getting a brief internet fix and have been catching up on Facebook and blog reading.  While I can of course write much about nothing for quite some time, I will be brief and just say this in closing:

When sewing clothing, be it for dolls or humans, your stripes should always match!  Take the time to do it right, people.

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