New Year...New Doll of the Year at AG

On New Year's Day we decided to check out the new American Girl Doll of the Year, McKenna, online.  While looking at the new items, my daughter of course noticed that there is a dog in the McKenna collection.  She's never met a stuffed animal she didn't like, and she had enough money to purchase the dog, so off the family went to the AG store in Tyson's Corner (aka AG Washington, DC).

The store was offering several promotional items for the launch.  There was a ribbon/sticker/bracelet-type craft, a scavenger hunt, and a paper mirror w/stickers craft.  They were also giving away doll-sized gym bags.  The store was fairly busy and several people I saw were buying the entire collection.  The McKenna doll seems to be popular.  We went to Target and Ikea afterwards and I saw lots of girls carrying around McKenna. 

I didn't find the doll to be too exciting.  She doesn't look that different than the regular dolls.  I did like several of her clothing pieces.  One thing I noticed is that in order to get the warm up suit (which I really liked), you had to purchase the collection.  Not available separately.  :(

Kelly did end up buying the dog, Cooper, from McKenna's collection.  It's priced a bit higher ($24) than the basic pets.  For the price, you get the dog and an orange collar/leash combo.  This dog is supposed to be a goldendoodle.  It is more like a stuffed animal--no hard parts in it.  It is in a position where it looks like it's generally sitting down.  Its ears are more like fur and the body is meant to look like curly fur.  It's bigger than the regular pets.  I neglected to take a picture of it. 

There were a few new in-store items--pjs, accessories for the pjs, and the souvenir shirt has a different print than last year's. There are a few new outfits, which I'm sure many of you have already seen on line or in the print catalog. I liked the one with the ruffled jacket best. There are also three new sets of undergarments in blue and white shades. One even had a sports bra! The undies looked more like boy shorts. There were three purses available. I didn't think any of them looked as cute as some of the handmade ones I've seen lately. In fact, the new outfits all reminded me of handmade items some of us have made in the last year or so.

Anyway, here are the photos of McKenna's things.  What do you think of the new collection?

Here's the warm up suit.  Not available separately.  :(

I love her shirt (which AG calls a dress).

McKenna's accessories.  Can you see the trail mix bag?

McKenna's items all seem to come with a hairstyle card. 
I think there were six available?

Hamster cage!  This was cute.  It is part of her bed set.  This set also
comes with doll-sized books that are replicas of real ones!  Cute, cute!

The photo op.  Downstairs this time
(Kanani's was upstairs.)  And yes, Kelly is actually holding
onto one of our dolls.  This lasted until she got the dog!

Starter collection. 

I loved this sweater in person.  The rain boots were
interesting.The polka dot part is clear and the dots look
like they are deep within the clear part.  Hard to
explain.  I liked them better in the catalog.

For completing the in-store scavenger hunt, girls received this poster.

Here is my daughter's completed mirror craft.  They gave her an extra
page of stickers as well.

The free gym bag.

Cute new in-store only set.  This one has slippers, a mini
Coconut, and a headband.  There is a matching pj set.  The
pants match the headband fabric and the tank is pink.

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