To-Do List

My kids are staying with their grandparents for two weeks.  Here's my to-do list while they are gone.  Probably wishful thinking, but it's good to have goals, right?

Sewing Projects

1.  15 t-shirts for my ongoing sewing job; must be done this week YAY!
2.  2 burp cloths and 2 crib sheets for shower gift
3.  Jacob's bed skirt
4.  begin working on Bitty Baby patterns and an AG--had a burst of inspiration while finishing t-shirts
5.  2 block-of-the-month quilt blocks--yes, the program just started and I am already behind
6.  faux Roman shades for office
7.  mend camisole for my sister
8.  new pin cushion
9.  sew more stock for cutie pie & me
10.  sew pjs for Kelly
11.  fix Chris' shirts--change from long to short sleeve where ripped
12.  attempt zipper in Chris' pants
13.  Finish Minnie Mouse purses even though one recipient is now "over Minnie Mouse".  : /
14.  Sew thing for Gary's car; needs to be done by 7/26

House Projects to do or "supervise"

1.  Put away things in laundry room since cabinets got hung last night
2.  Bought file cabinet from Craig's List last night--need to spray paint it
3.  Finish cleaning and rearranging office (need finished file cabinet first)
4.  Hang wires in hallway and Kelly's room for artwork
5.  Find missing table legs to Grandma's sewing table!!  
6.  Unpack and display Ball jars in laundry room
7.  Hang Roman shades in dining room--didn't fit, have to return
8.  Rearrange broom cabinet and hang hooks
9.  Decide how to proceed with laundry sorting under counter
10.  Tools out of bedroom!!
11.  Switch my shirts over to new hangers
12.  Reorganize Jacob's room
13.  Unload silver box
14.  Keep working on cleaning and organizing basement
15.  Sort and organize recipes
16.  Put handle on pocket door in kids' bath

General Goals

1.  Add pin button to blog
2.  Read through all those pins about prettying up the blog and FB page
3.  Try to learn more about photo and graphic editing
4.  Get through more of the sewing project pile
5.  Organize kitchen drawers better
6.  Learn to use the Silhouette
7.  Exercise more!!!

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