Quick Tip: Easily Sewing on Buttons by Hand

Yesterday I posted a quick tip and photo on my Facebook page.  It was suggested that I pin it.  I am unable to pin from Facebook, so here is a pinnable version with more photos and details.

I find placing buttons and sewing them all on precisely to be frustrating.  It seems like the buttons always slip while I am trying to get that first stitch in.  My remedy to that is to use Scotch tape.   That's right, just tape the buttons to the fabric, sew the buttons on right through the tape, then remove the tape when finished.

Here is a doll shirt with the buttons all placed
right where I want them, ready to sew.
This method works for any project--doll clothing, human clothing, snaps, or buttons.  I prefer to use the matte finish tape because it doesn't seem as sticky as the clear kind.  

Here are some photos of before and after on a human sized piece of clothing.

Collar button taped into place

Cuff button taped into place

Collar button sewn on

Cuff button sewn on

Tearing off tape--notice that a piece remains on the
button.  Depending on how tiny the button or snap is,
or how many holes it had, you may need to use
tweezers to get the little bits out.  With a two-hole
button, it's very easy to pull off the remainder.

Finished cuff--no tape remains!
Notes:  Sometimes the tape doesn't come off cleanly, especially on tiny four hole buttons or snaps.  You might need tweezers to pull out the little bits stuck in the thread, but they will come out easily with just a little patience.  Brand name tape works better for me than generic--it doesn't seem to shred into tiny pieces as readily as the off-brand.  For some button/fabric combinations you may need to use a bigger piece of tape to get it to stick for you.  A bigger piece of tape is worth avoiding all the frustration!  

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  1. I use the same technique sewing buttons on by machine.