Women's Voices--A Civil War Quilt

2023 update: I no longer have this pattern. It is still commercially available from the designer. Please do not ask me for the pattern; please go honor the creator and purchase a legal copy.

We have moved A LOT--13 addresses in 15 years.  When you move frequently, things get boxed up and, at least for us, tend to stay boxed up if they aren't immediately needed.  Much of my sewing stash falls into the not immediately needed category.  Now that we are in a house in which we hope to remain, I have been making an effort to go through all those boxes we've been toting around and sort them into keep, sell, and donate piles.  (As a side note, we will be having a GIANT yard sale this spring!)  I found a basket of goodies in a sewing room box that I estimate has been packed up for at least six or seven years.  In the very bottom of the box I found an entire block of the month quilt kit.  I had only completed the first two months when I packed it up.  Of course, since the whole thing was in there, I'd had it even longer and just never worked on it.  I think I bought it when my daughter was a toddler and she is now a tween.  Embarrassing.  

Anyway, the quilt is a queen or king size block of the month done in Civil War reproductions that I bought from Keepsake Quilting.  Each month you make two blocks--same pattern, same fabric just placed differently to vary the look a bit. Here is a picture of the pattern.

These are the first two sets of blocks.  I am cringing a little because they weren't very square.  At least my piecing skills have improved since this thing's been packed up!  
Month One--Patriotic Flags
Month Two--Underground Railroad
I made the month three blocks today.  Block three is called Coxey's Camp.

In an effort to stay motivated, I will continue to post the blocks here as I complete them.   Maybe I'll have a finished quilt top soon.  Notice I said top….finished quilts are another story.


  1. Hang in there. I made this quilt and it's worth the effort. Took me a bit longer also, but she's a beauty. And....your squares look fine. I had trouble with the flag too. Can't believe they made it the FIRST one. If you are going long arm quilting, it will pull everything to square.

    1. Thanks--I stalled out at block 10 last fall. It didn't fit together correctly and I still haven't pulled it back apart to fix it.

  2. Does anyone have the block of the month patterns for women voices a civil war quilt? Please let me know. Thanks, been looking for awhile for it.

    1. I have some packages. Let me know which ones you need.