What's Happening?

Not much has been happening sewing-wise.  My house is super clean, especially my basement.  We had houseguests over Labor Day, which was great motivation for getting the basement organized.  The basement is still unfinished, but at least now the remaining moving boxes are organized, all the spare boxes from construction are recycled, and the floor is fairly clean (it's still just cement and gets used as a work space for finishing things for the main floor).

We are in the seventh week of the school year.  My son has joined Cub Scouts, so we are learning the ropes of the program.  I volunteer with the Girl Scouts, both as a leader and as a Community Troop Organizer.  I am almost done with my troop organizing duties for the year and am starting to focus on my own troop.  And of course it is popcorn sales time for the boys and nuts/chocolates/magazines for the girls.

I'm still trying to get some of my UFOs done.  Sometimes it seems like I could work on my UFO pile the rest of my life and maybe I still wouldn't even get through it all.  (Hangs head in shame.)  I just read an article in the current issue of Quilty about the slow sewing movement.  Basically it's saying to slow down, enjoy the process, and not worry so much about the to-do list.  I guess I could work on this.

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