Goals for the New Year 2015

Sewing Goals:

1.  Finish at least two partially finished quilts. (see Instagram for photos)
2.  Make at least 5 new doll clothes sewing patterns.  I have sketches for about 20 ideas     right now.
3.  Make at least 3 knitting patterns for dolls. (3/15--one published, one in progress)
4.  Finish at least two unfinished projects. (finished napkins, pin cushion)
5.  Update previously published patterns so that all have digitized pattern pieces.
6.  Make the top for the bird quilt (tutorial found here).
7.  Make bedding and quilt for doll bed.
8.  Make and list doll clothing on a more regular basis.

General Goals:

1.  Organize recipes in a better way.
2.  Finish (strip and repaint) dressing table & mirror for daughter's room.
3.  Take better care of the flower garden.
4.  Reorganize the office closet--okay, the entire office.
5.  Keep a better cleaning schedule.
6.  Fill all nail holes in trim.
7.  Learn Photoshop.
8.  Exercise more.

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