Quilt Design Wall

I've been wanting a quilt design wall FOREVER!  It's been hard to come up with a location that is big enough.  So, in my ongoing quest to take over the entire house with my sewing supplies, I decided to use a wall in the laundry room.  I now have my machines in the living room, cutting/pressing table in the office, notions in the kitchen, and design wall in the laundry.  Plus my stash and reference library in the basement.  Seriously though, I do have a nice sewing space planned for our unfinished basement.  Just waiting until my money tree grows!  So, the design wall needed to be temporary, yet still functional, and also not in the main viewing area of the house.  

So I finally decided on the laundry room since it's already dusty in there, plus out of the main traffic flow.  I bought a bunch of Command hooks, a box of mini binder clips, and a twin size Warm and White batting. The batting package gave 72" x 90" as the dimensions, so I measured up 90" from the top of the trim.  I ran the batting through the steam cycle on my dryer to release the wrinkles (and lots of fluff too, not sure if that's good or bad), hung the hooks slightly above my 90" measurement, then hung up the batting. Not sure what happened, but the batting hangs well below the top of the trim.  Thankfully it doesn't puddle on the floor.  I will have to buy a step stool or ladder or something so that I can reach the top since leaving a dining room chair in there really isn't feasible.

But, hey, it is hung and it works!  My son and my husband were amazed that fabric would stick to the batting.  I immediately laid out this quilt top that has been hanging around for a few years (because I didn't have a place large enough to lay it out and leave it while I work on it).  One thing I noticed when trying to take these pictures is that the lighting in my laundry room is not ideal for photos.  Like, REALLY not ideal.
Bought at Cottonseed Glory in Annapolis, Maryland.  Pattern is called Brick & Mortar by Pat Steiner.
It will have two borders as well.

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