An Inspired by Pinterest Win

We have a very large cold air return in our living room.  Seriously, it's close to 24" square!  You can see it almost immediately when you enter our house.  Several years ago I saw a Pin on Pinterest that linked to, showing how to replace a standard ugly white grill with some trim and a piece of sheet metal from Lowes in a union jack pattern.  

I showed my ultra-handy and talented husband the link and begged for him to make a better cover.  While he was not enthralled with the idea, he agreed to make me a cover.  He did not use the directions provided on the website I showed him since their setup did not work for our situation.  We ended up with a pricy (the three foot by two foot piece of sheet metal runs close to $30) but attractive replacement cover that I absolutely love.  It's so much better than the standard cover the HVAC guys installed!

This is one Inspired by Pinterest project that totally worked.

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