My Quilt WIP (works in progress) List

I can't believe I am putting this out there for other people to see, but here is a list of quilt projects I have going.  This is 18+ years' worth of accumulated projects.

To Be Quilted (finished tops):

  1. Sailboat quilt--on frame now finished 10/19/15
  2. #HughJassPineapple
  3. two Ginger Threads class minis 
  4. Girl Scout quilt--binding started 3/11/16
  5. mini Civil War--partially quilted
  6. polar bear
  7. navy/white
  8. frog princess
  9. apple quilt
  10. JoAnn kit--forest green/tan finished 11/21/15
  11. fireworks--blue
  12. garden quilt from PA
  13. red/green cherry
  14. purple/green flower
  15. Valentine
  16. Bonnie & Camille finished 10/30/15
  17. S'mores snowman
  18. big Civil War
  19. Miss Rosie from Batesville--partially quilted
  20. Hustle arrow finished 1/17/16
  21. Kate Spain Christmas

In Progress:

  1. strawberry quilt--partially pieced
  2. alligator--need to do alligator appliqué
  3. R2D2--piecing
  4. breast cancer ribbon--make ribbon blocks, assemble top
  5. Kimberly Einmo class quilt--decide on setting, assemble
  6. Kimberly Einmo mystery BOM--need to assemble blocks/top
  7. bird quilt--need to embroider all blocks
  8. Christmas truck mini--think I need to add some borders
  9. blue/green from Annapolis--needs borders attached
  10. Queen Bee quilt--two blocks and setting to do
  11. FQS 2013 BOM--blocks completed, need to do setting
  12. Civil War BOM--setting
  13. Gracie Girl--need to piece, having hard time aligning pieces
  14. B & C frivol--all
  15. Aviatrix--all
  16. Paradiso-all
  17. blue/yellow-all
  18. Serengeti kit-all
  19. green/gray-all
  20. Alex Anderson baskets kit-all
  21. race car--partially cut
  22. hippo fabric-all
  23. McKenna Ryan BOM--two blocks done
  24. bed size quilt from North Vernon--needs appliquéd borders
  25. Toulouse kit--all
  26. Batesville BOM--setting
  27. GR shop hop BOM--a few blocks done
  28. pink/green/purple pastel--in bin w/ Fig Tree one--all
  29. Fig Tree jelly roll diamond--all
  30. bug quilt--all
  31. aqua from DeLoa Jones class--a few blocks done
  32. red/green square in square--all
  33. butterfly fabric quilt--redo?  fabric choices not working for me
  34. batik from Lancaster--all
  35. blue/yellow JoAnn BOM--a whole bunch of appliqué blocks left
  36. dogwood applique--all
  37. Marti Michell kit--some blocks done
  38. seasons embroidery--embroidery
  39. bursting star kit--ready to piece
  40. solstice kit--all
  41. Paradiso #2
  42. FQS QA--EPP--must learn this skill!
  43. Gooseberry--all
  44. 365 Challenge--in progress

Fix Quilting:

  1. pink/green baby quilt
  2. dragonfly print baby quilt

Fix Binding:

  1. PF test quilt--accidentally cut the fold off one corner of binding, need to repair

Swaps: (These get first priority since they have firm due dates)

  • CUAQ swap (due Nov 2015)
  • Thimbleblossoms swap (due Feb 2016)
  • Rainbow mini swap (due March 7)
  • Birthday club (Sept, Oct, Jan, Feb, June)
  • Guild swap (due Feb 2016)

So yes, that's 60 quilts in various stages of completion, not counting swaps or fixers.  It's really about 3 - 4 quilts per year, which doesn't sound so bad, right?  Right?  I will now go hang my head in shame.  

Actually, one of my Facebook friends just mentioned how she really wants to use up her stash--she makes clothing for kids, so a little different, but anyway she said she has so much stash so that she can enjoy it for so much longer.  Good way to look at it.  I really like to look through my projects when I need a pick-me-up.

I will try to update this list as I accomplish finishes.

What does your WIP list look like?

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