It's That Time of Year....

Busy with Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, organizing, cleaning, life in general...

That includes quilts, doll clothes, planning, shopping, and trying to keep the house in halfway decent order.

The kids are off from school this week.  Lots of appointments.  The car battery died yesterday.  We hosted the FLL team practice last night.  The office and sewing areas look like a tornado went through.  I can't keep the deer from destroying my landscaping.  I hope my turkey thaws out by tomorrow.  It's been in the fridge since Saturday.

Really need to make some new doll clothes patterns.  

It's a battle between what I want to do, need to do, and absolutely have to do.

Happy holidays!

Update, a few hours later:  went to make lunch.  Guess what?  Turkey is thawed and leaking everywhere!  Spent a few hours cleaning the fridge and lots of apples.  Cleaned the turkey package too and put it in a pan.  In hindsight, it should have started out in a pan.  :/

Update, the next day:  got a cold.  Boo.

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