Let's Talk HSTs

It seems that a lot of the projects I've been working on this year require half-square triangles or use the "stitch and flip" method to add corners to blocks.  I've made these in so many ways this year...my 365 Challenge quilt uses them on an almost daily basis and with a variety of construction techniques. Sometimes we will make them and only need an odd number of finished HST. Sometimes we are just doing a "covered corner" aka "stitch and flip" and we trim off the excess, as has also been the case with the Aviatrix, Fig Tree Mystery Quilt 2016, the heart blocks I made for Pulse, some of the blocks from The Aqua Umbrella QAL, and the Cluck, Cluck, Sew Pumpkin quilt.

What do you do with all the trimmings?  Keep or toss?  I know some people just throw them out, and I do if the resulting finished HST would be smaller than an inch, but that is A LOT of fabric to toss out.  So I've been sewing all my trimmings into HST. Just look at some of the piles I have made recently!
This is the trimmings pile from my pumpkin quilt.
Here are the trimmings and extras from my 365 Challenge quilt so far.  Sometimes
we get lucky and can use the leftovers in another block.  I've done a couple of those so far.
These are the trimmings from ONE border of the Aviatrix quilt.  There will be more.
We all know I am cheap and can't toss things I might use again.  :P  Since I like most fabric and don't work with strictly one palette, I think I'm leaning towards minis or pillow covers with all these extras.  Putting them all together could yield a rather yucky end product!  

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