Just Random Updates

I've been in a sewing slump since finishing the 365 top.  I just can't seem to get focused on anything long enough to say so.  I did manage to finish a tote bag for my daughter to store her crochet supplies in.   She chose all the fabrics at Jo-Ann.  The pattern I used is the Sew South Retreat Bag from Ellison Lane.  Using four coupons (two 40s, two 50s), the total was around $35 for the fabrics and interfacings.  I had a good amount of leftovers on everything except the Shape Flex, especially the glittery green top, bottom, handle fabric.  The only change I made to the pattern is making the handles a lot longer--I cut those at 32 inches.

I've been doing lots of cleaning.  Guess it's that time of year.  When my home is tidier, I feel happier.  I don't like visual clutter.  Sadly, everyone else in my house seems to be the opposite!  When I mentioned this to my husband, he said he doesn't like clutter either, but hates the taking care of said clutter even more than seeing it.  We have a long ways to go, but at least for the minute, the kitchen/dining/living rooms are looking pretty good.  

I'm more certain than ever that this needs to be the year of get things done.

I'm trying to finish my Fig Tree Mystery Sampler.  It's tough for me because I don't pick up on what the directions want me to do right off the bat.  I think, looking at most of it laying on the floor, that I want to change some of the parts I've already assembled.  I need to put some brighter colors in there so that I like it more.  :/

My guild mini swap is due in a month.  I ordered fabrics last week, along with a treat for me--Lori Holt's scrappy planner.  The package has made it to my town, but isn't scheduled to be delivered until tomorrow.  Torture!

Yesterday we had crazy winds.  Earlier in the day I was thinking it was like a Nor'easter like we'd experienced when we lived in Maryland.  Last night we had a severe thunderstorm warning.  And 60 mile an hour winds.  It reminded me of being in Hurricane Irene.  This morning I got to pick up the contents of my recycling bin that the wind so helpfully scattered around my yard.  The roads were covered with black ice.  Made my morning walk interesting...

Some throwback pictures.  I will miss them greatly--always classy.  

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