Weekly Recap

I'm still kind of in a sewing slump.  I just can't seem to work up enthusiasm to sew anything, even with a lengthy list of to-dos and wish-to-completes.  Part of the issue, I think, is the lack of sunshine we've had this last month.  Part is that I'm worrying too much about things.  I encourage you to get to know someone who is different than you--background, religion, race, orientation, opinion, whatever.  Despite all these seeming differences we are one.  Stepping off my soapbox and moving right along...  My house is staying pretty clean.  I tend to clean when I'm stressed and can't concentrate.  There's always something positive.

I received a nice message from a customer about my Baby Pants pattern.  I created the pattern to be used with knit fabrics (I find knit to be so forgiving), but the customer tried using a woven cotton and it turned out great!  She kindly sent a picture along too.  I do love seeing what people create with my patterns!  

Here's what I've been working on this week:
A reminder to myself that it's all right.  Pattern by Sewing Seed on Etsy.
I finished stitching this, but still need to wash and press it.
I'm planning to frame it and hang it in our future reading nook.
Pattern by Pop Goes the Stitch on Etsy.
I finished three more blocks of R2-D2.  Two more are close,
then three more rows to go.  My son has been waiting over a
year for me to finish this one.
Super-secret sewing project!  Two weeks til reveal.
I bought some thread for my secret sewing project yesterday at JoAnn.  The cashier told me she was putting a coupon in the bag for me.  When I got home and looked in the bag, I saw that she had given me a coupon for those 55 and up.  I'm far from that!  My husband thought this was the funniest thing ever.  Oh well.

And, because I don't already have enough undone stuff, I'm actually considering doing a 25-week block of the week QAL program that I saw on Instagram.  It starts today, so I'll have to see if I have enough fabric here to make it work since I really want to reduce my stash this year.  I'll let you know what I decide.

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