What I'm Trying to Work On & Row by Row Junior

I feel like I have a million things I should be doing right now.  And I've given myself all these abitrary mental deadlines on them.  Then I beat myself up when I don't get stuff done.  I've had the same group of stuff on my to-do list for three weeks.  :(  Both my kids have day camps this week.  I'm spending about three hours a day driving them because they start and end at different times.  Not much is getting done.  Frustration mounts.  Luckily I haven't had jury duty yet, but it looks like I could get called in next week.  Sigh.

Here are some of the things I'm planning on for the week, although most of the week is gone. Even bigger sigh.
I'm working on a B&C mini for myself.  I need to sew these HST that were trimmings.
I'm three weeks behind on #SewcialBeeSampler.😩
I need to remake this tank for my daughter since I made the dumb mistake of serging
before having her try it on.
I also have to fix another tank we made her.
I need to cut all of these into HST and trim them all.
There are currently 140ish squares, so 520 HST.
Fabric is Fishline by Kristen Berger for Maywood Studio.
This is ready to get onto the frame and get quilted.
Fabric is Windermere by Brenda Riddle for Moda.  And Kona Snow.
This will be a gift.  I really need to get this one done today.  Probably won't happen.  :(
My daughter participated in the Row by Row Junior this year.  We picked up a pattern at Crimson Tate and she worked diligently on it.  She selected the fabrics from my stash.  I did the cutting and part of the pressing.  She did the sewing.  Then she decided she wanted to make the row into a pillow, so I marked quilting lines for her and she quilted it.  We figured out how to make an envelope pillow.  She also made the pillow form.  The first try was stuffed way too firmly, so she opened it back up and took some of the stuffing out.  Still too big.  So we made it smaller and she redid it a third time.  It took some doing, but we did manage to finally get the form into the pillow cover.  It may never come out again!  Then we made a trip back to the store so she could claim her ribbon.  They made a big deal about it, made her feel good, and posted her picture on social media.  She was just thrilled!
Fabrics L-R are Moda Bella, Cotton + Steel, Dear Stella, Moda, Dear Stella, and C+S.
Background is a Lizzy House print.

Crimson Tate embellished their Row by Row ribbons--Nicole of Modern Handcraft made the fancy parts.
The print is Heather Givans' (Crimson Tate's owner) fabric.
In other news,  I watched a baby red headed woodpecker learn how to come in to the feeder and eat.  There was an adult who came in with him and waited until he figured out how to land on the suet cage before flying to a nearby tree to watch over him.  In case you aren't a bird aficionado, it's the bird on the left that I'm talking about.  
Have a great week!

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