First Day of School!

It's the first day of school for my kids.  We didn't get off to the best start--my daughter's bus was over 1/2 hour late and I almost forgot to take a picture of my son, amongst other things.  I hope things work out okay for them during the day.

I haven't really had much sewing time lately.  My birthday was a few weeks ago and my husband and I spent a good chunk of time that day putting insulation in my future sewing room.  I totally felt like I was shoving pieces of Chewbacca into the walls.  And I learned that insulating ceilings is the worst.

We have a bit more cleaning up and more insulating out in the main part of the basement and then we are ready for drywall.  That will be the half-way point.  Man, I can't wait!

In sewing news, I have my B&C Vintage pattern mini ready for quilting.
I had to take a break from trimming all the Fishline HST because it is so incredibly boring.  Plus, the trimmings are coming off in little tiny chunks, which makes clean up frustrating.
So, I cut up my Tasha Noel Pixie Noel fabric over the weekend.  I am going to make her Winter Wonderland pattern with it.

I got a few more stitches into the blue bird cross stitch.  I really should be working on the never-ending house cross stitch instead.

I need to get going on quilting Windermere #2.  It's been hanging on the frame for two or three weeks now.  Oh, that reminds me...I ordered the dampener plate for my machine and it is in.  Theoretically I should receive it by the end of the weekend.  All the more reason to get this quilt done.

Unfortunately, I think cleaning will have to take precedence over all of these things.  I need to vacuum and the kitchen desperately needs a good cleaning.  And if I am really good, I should do some weeding & clean up in the gardens.  Probably not gonna be that good though!  :)

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