Spring Has Sprung

The weather seems to finally have decided upon staying in spring.  Indiana is pretty for about two weeks in the spring when everything is coming back to life and greening up.    All my vegetables have come up.  Things are starting to flower.  I've been spending a good bit of time outside, buying and planting flowers and trees.  

This is my transplanted lilac.  It seems to be doing well.  We  planted a few creeping phlox around it and transplanted a few lamb's ears from the lawn, but only one made it.  We added in a few rocks from our basement too.  Totally need to wash the siding.

We added a standard pine and a few more perennials.  Those scraggly messes are knock out roses, which will be removed/transplanted elsewhere next year.

I have at least two hummingbirds coming in to the feeders, both male.  We also saw a Baltimore oriole at the hummingbird feeder this week.  We have an oriole feeder, but it doesn't attract any birds.  My mom lives five hours north of me and she mentioned that she had rose-breasted grosbeaks come in to her feeders yesterday.  I said I hadn't seen any yet.  No sooner did I hang up the phone with her than I saw a handful of them on my feeders!

I really enjoyed my guild retreat on Saturday.  Time flew by and I actually got a good bit of progress in on my Aviatrix quilt.  I quilted one of my UFOs last week and attached the binding to the front of the quilt yesterday.  Just a quick (ha ha ha) sew down on the back and it will be finished.  Side note on this one:  I tried out the Juki glide (or cup) foot on this one and it worked so well!  Of course the directions weren't the greatest.  You really need to change the needle before the foot is on.  I dropped a needle down inside the machine attempting to do it while the foot was installed.  Also, you need to take the screw all the way out of the shank in order to attach this foot.  It is a much longer screw than you would think...  The effort was worth it though.  Great foot.
I also sewed rows together on one of my Bee Basics Bubblegum Kisses quilts.  I still need to press it. Then I need to add borders to both and get them quilted.  This was a project that came in the Sew Sampler box (which most of my quilt friends subscribe to).  I borrowed the pattern from one of my friends and bought the fabric--with careful cutting and some extra background fabric I was able to make two.  
I have just over a week to finish up more UFOs before my next guild meeting.  I also have to create a Gus Grissom costume for my son to wear at a school function next week.  I'm just waiting (apparently until the last second) on a coverall to come in and then I need to sew patches to it.

We got rid of cable Monday and went with only streaming services.  I'm getting the hang of it, but it's an adjustment.  I think we all miss the clocks on the cable boxes the most!  I have one clock on order and I'm going to go buy a second one this morning.  

Random things I've been thinking about:  I don't get the whole "promposal" thing.  It's been on the news, my daughter has talked about it, and it was even on The Middle last night.  I would like to know where it originated.  I think at that age I would have appreciated the effort, but as an introvert, I would also have been mortified by the whole thing as well.  Have you ever seen a sage grouse male calling?  It's really weird and entertaining.  You can find all sorts of videos to watch, definitely with sound.  I really need to come up with a business name so that I can officially quilt for others.  I also have some things I need to destash.  Need to locate boxes and determine shipping.

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