A Few Small Finishes

Over the weekend we travelled out of state to get my kids from their grandparents'.  I had a few small projects to finish off, so it seemed like a good time to work on them.  First is this mini made with the leftover bits of my two Lori Holt Bubblegum Kisses quilts.  I was hoping to use the leftover backing as backing on this project too, but, alas, it was too small.  So I had to use some of my background yardage.  I used the leftover binding from one of the Bubblegum Kisses quilts as well.

Second is this Bonnie and Camille mini mini.  I originally made this for round two of the B & C Barn Quilt swap.  As I was finishing it, I noticed that it had a small red speck that I think is Kool Aid on it.  I couldn't send it like that, so I made a new one.  The red speck one languished here forever (a year!).  I decided to just finish it off for myself.  I used the leftover binding piece from the Bursting Star quilt I shared two weeks ago.  It's maybe not what I would have pulled from my stash as a binding, but the leftover piece fit exactly, so I figured it was meant to be.  Did you know that I have free instructions for how to make this block?  It's called Eight Hands Around and it is a 6" block.  It's a lot easier than it looks.

I also brought along my EPP project.  I'm not sure I love it so far, but I will stick with it to finish. I'm glue-basting the fabric to the papers, but it's not holding very well and I find it very tedious. On the plus side, once I'm done sewing, I'm done.  No appliqué is required to finish, which totally increases the chance that I will actually finish.
I'm excited that my husband has agreed to finish the downstairs bathroom during his time off between classes.  We brought back enough trim from his dad's shop to finish the bathroom.  The trim for the whole basement is made, but we couldn't haul all that.  We're getting a bit closer on a cabinet plan for the sewing room too. 

In other news, while I was at my parents' house, my mom made me cut my dad's hair.  It was really weird!  I should mention here that although I cut my husband and son's hair, I just use clippers and I have no training other than watching a video 20 years ago that came with our clippers.  Dad's hair ended up much shorter than he's used to, but it was a free haircut.

I've gotten a few more sets of Polaroid blocks in the mail.  Both were side swaps.  That leaves me needing two more side swap sets and five more sets from my actual swap group.  The mailing deadline is Saturday.

Other things I'm thinking about:  I can barely stand to look at the news headlines lately.  So much discouraging.  It's really got me down. Why is Kids Bop still a thing?  Why was it ever a thing?  Can spiders live under your carpeting?  How terrifying to consider.  I don't love going really fast on boats, especially when eight year olds are driving.  Why don't people know what a yield sign means? Why don't people slow down?  Why do they text while driving?  What could possibly be so important that you can't wait until you stop? Life is already fleeting; slow down and don't be risky.

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