The Start of My Sewing Room

At long last, my sewing room is finally starting to look like a sewing room.  My father-in-law built and brought the cabinets to us and he and my husband installed them this week.  
Isn't the hinge on the cabinet for my embroidery machine awesome?
This cabinet is HUGE!

I went with Formica countertops.  I like how Formica allows fabric to slide easily over its surface.  We tried something new this time by using Ideal Edge to finish the edges.  We ordered both the sheets of Formica and the matching Ideal Edge from Lowes.  When we took the sheets out of the box, we were surprised at how thin they were compared to what we've used in the past.  Turns out that Lowes (and probably other big box home improvement stores) is now selling this very thin version instead of the thickness that you see in the color chip samples.  It goes down the same, but you have to be very careful when handling it before it's glued due to the flimsiness.

We still need to clean up, put on the crown molding, install some of the shelves, get some glass inserts made for the one cabinet, install knobs and pulls, put down flooring, install and paint the trim, finish the wiring, finish fixing the drywall in the closets, paint and trim the closets, put in the doors, and find someone to install the hunk of carpet we have for the larger closet.  Wow, that seems like a lot!  The good news is that we have everything except for the glass purchased already.

I decided to work on a project this week that I thought I would never finish.  It is one of the ugliest quilt tops I've ever made.  I do not know what I was thinking selecting these colors.  I like the fabrics individually, but not all together.  However, I will finish it and donate it to a good cause.

I'm still binding the Tula quilt.  I'm about 3/4 done.
Finally, deer are jerks.  They keep ripping out my pink flamingos.  Like, several times per week, they rip them off their wire legs.

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