An Inconsequential Finish

Well, I haven't been great about working on what needs to be finished, but I did finish the really ugly butterfly quilt.  I decided that since I didn't care much about this quilt, it would be a good time to try out a pantograph I wasn't sure about.  And I used a bright pink thread--why not?  I learned that I don't care for this particular pantograph and that bright pink thread hides in orange and in multi-colored darker fabric.  I finished the binding by machine.  I like using a zig-zag stitch on machine binding to help it to lay flatter.  This quilt finished at 69.5" x 81" and I think I know where its new home will be.

I've been slowly working on the second snowman cross stitch.  I need to have at least one of these totally finished by Christmas.
I've been working extremely slowly on the other major project I am hoping to finish by Christmas. At the moment I'm not feeling especially confident that it will be done in time.  I have to do part of the sashing still and then the setting triangles seem to all be set in.  Yay.  I can hardly wait.
Maybe I'll actually finish the Queen Bee quilt someday!

I also have a few smaller things I'm hoping to finish (and start) in the next week too.  Those aren't as critical as the cross stitch and the quilt though.

We got our Christmas tree decorated yesterday and I did a minimal amount of decorating.  I swear I missed out on the attractive home decorating gene.  

I still need to wrap presents.  I ordered a bunch of things online this year and am still waiting on several of them to show up--it can be a bit nerve-wracking.  One thing I noticed with some of the smaller places I've ordered from this year is that they print a shipping label right away and then don't actually mail the parcel for several days to a week.  WHY?  When someone orders from me, I am super excited and mail it as soon as humanly possible, usually the same day!

This picture doesn't look like much, but my husband ordered me the two-foot extension for my long arm frame so that I will be able to comfortably quilt king-size quilts.  The box was damaged, so I got to open it early to make sure everything is okay.  We won't actually enlarge my frame until we take it down to move into the finished sewing room, which is probably at least a month away.

He's been spending most of his free time over the past several months working on a pole barn for the wife of a co-worker who died in an accident this summer and he finished his part of the construction this past weekend, so my room bumps back up in priority now.

I forgot to mention last week, but the people who run MQX Midwest announced that they are discontinuing the midwest show.  Disappointing, but not surprising.

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