My First Finish of the Year

I finished binding my Gracie Girl quilt over the past week.  It is my first finish of the year.  The print fabrics used are all Gracie Girl by Lori & Kassidy Holt.  The pattern is called Sunburst and was a freebie that came with the kit I bought from Fat Quarter Shop four or five years ago.  I used the Unwind pantograph in a custom size to quilt it.  It is a small lap size at 51" x 60".

My kids finished their stuffed animals.  My daughter made her seal pretty much on her own.  My son's flounder was a joint effort.  They both seem happy with their makes.
It's been a kind of rough week.  The only thing I feel like sharing about it is that one of our cars is acting up.  It's 11 years old, so the cost of the repair will determine whether we fix it or trade it in for something new (along with a car payment).  The car has had a good life, and other than the three deer strikes last winter and basic maintenance it's been essentially trouble free. 

I'm also not enjoying the cold snap/Polar Vortex.  I'm cold all the time and don't feel like doing anything except huddling under some quilts.  And whenever it's this cold, the furnace runs all the time and I just get a mental image of the electric meter numbers spinning so fast you can't see them. About the only real productive thing I've done is work on the final layout of my borders presentation papers for my next guild meeting. I guess I can sum it by saying that I dislike January and I'm glad it's almost February. 

My husband got the carpet installed in the sewing room closet.  A coworker of his gave us their leftover carpet pad and let us borrow his carpet stretcher.  The carpet itself is a remnant left from our upstairs.  He says I should be able to move stuff into the closet as soon as he has the threshold done and the door put back on.  
Here's the to-do list again:
  • wire the outlets
  • install one more light
  • install a drop ceiling in the big closet
  • install carpet in the big closet
  • install knobs and pulls on the desk and cabinets
  • clean all the cabinets and install the shelves inside them
  • finish the countertop
  • install shoe moulding along the cabinets
  • install a smoke alarm and wi-fi booster thing
  • put on the doors for both closets
  • install doorknobs
  • get some glass cut for one set of cabinet doors
  • finish up the crown molding
  • finish making the top for my cutting table
  • break down, move, and reassemble the long arm
  • move all my stuff in

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