Spring Paducah Quilt Show

Saturday we attended the quilt show in Paducah.  My main objective was to talk to the Juki people since Juki will not talk to you unless you are directly in front of them.  Turns out no Juki reps were there, but we did spend some time talking to the people from SewingMachine.com who were there selling Juki products.  We tried out a bunch of other long arms too--Handi Quilter, Gammill, APQS, Innova, and A-1.  For the first time ever, I actually liked the Handi Quilter.  Usually I feel like I'm getting electrocuted when I try them, but for whatever reason, this time was not like that.  My son defeated the stitch regulation on the Gammill, which we thought was funny.  The A-1 is nice.  I feel like the Innova is really heavy to move though the new design is quite nice looking.  

In the end, my husband decided to purchase the computer for my existing machine and we will try a few things to fix the odd issues I'm currently having.  We also have the direct phone number for a really knowledgable repair person if we can't get things going correctly. So, soon I will be able to offer computerized, perfect quilting services to everyone in addition to my current offerings.  I am really excited for the system to arrive!

I was very restrained with my purchases at the show.  I needed a stencil to go with a ruler I have, so I purchased that.  I also needed a new cutting mat and purchased a Quilters Select (Alex Anderson).  I'd love to have a fun color for a mat, but need outweighs waiting for someone to make the perfect color.  Light and dark gray it is.  The only other thing I bought is some oil for the long arm.  I was originally hoping to stop by Hancock's but 3/4 of us weren't feeling great, so we just went straight back home.

The last time I went to the show, a few years ago, there were tons of Hawaiian quilts.  This time there were a lot of medallion-style quilts and lots of rhinestones on the quilts--lots of sparkle.  There were more hand-quilted than I remember seeing, which I'm also noticing as a trend on social media.  There were also quite a few group quilts from Japan.

Here are the pictures I took. I have given credit as listed in the show catalog, following guidelines set forth in the show book.  If you see your quilt here and you want it removed or want contact info added, send me a message using the contact form.  {There was a lot of discussion on social media after Quilt Con about whether people can share images of quilts or not.  I fall on the side of yes, share my work as long as you give me credit.  I'm happy if someone likes something I make! If they thought enough of it to share it with others, great. Some people are clearly, vehemently, against this.}
I spent a lot of time trying to determine if this border was EPP or not.  I think it is.
Detail of entry 110, Oh Be Joyful! by Cindy Seitz-Krug of Overgaard, AZ.
Entry 314, Anniversary by Michiyo Hashimoto of Seto, Aichi, Japan.
87 x 87, hand quilted!
Entry 231, Your Place or Mine by Marva-Lee Otos, Ketchikan, AK
Quilted by Margie Kraft. 81 x 81.  So many fun details in this one!
Pattern by Wendy Williams of Flying Fish Kits.

Entry 224, Halo Medallion by Karen Maloley of Richmond, KY
86 x 86.  Pattern by Susan H. Garman of Come Quilt LLC.
Entry 408, Cats & Stars by Yukie Fujitomi of Chiba, Chiba, Japan
75 x 79, hand quilted.
Entry 227, Pandemonium by Susan Minchow of Pleasant Dale, NE
Quilted by Kris Vierra, 92 x 92.  Pandemonium pattern by Kim McLean of Glorious Color
Note:  there was a second quilt on display made from the same pattern!
Entry 234, Fair Isles Winter by Gail H. Smith and Angela McCorkle of North Barrington, IL
87 x 87.  Pattern is Fair Isles BIM by Reeze L. Hanson of Morning Glory Designs.
This was so pretty!
Entry 438, Espalier by Joann Webb of Grain Valley, Mo
72 x 79.  Hand quilted!
Entry 501, Heart of the Sea by Lys Axelson of Big Bear City, CA.
64 x 75.  This was dimensional and so fun!
Entry 912, Pua Aloha by Mutsuko & 11 Friends of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
69 x 89, another hand quilted one!
Entry 914, Love Flamingo by Nobuko & 11 Friends of Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan
75 x 86, hand quilted
Entry 802, Play Golf by Keiko Aso of Fukuyamashi, Hiroshima, Japan
70 x 69
Entry 1333, Huddle! by Sue Sherman of Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
50 x 32.  This one has hand quilting, machine quilting, and computer assisted stitch software amongst many other techniques.
Entry 1337, Goat in a Coat by Sue Turnquist of Crawfordville, FL.
37 x 48.
Entry 1408, Refraction by Megan Ellinger of Spring Hill, TN
52 x 70
I pattern test for Megan.  Find her at tinyorchardquilts.com
Entry 1309, On Thin Ice by Deb Crine of Marco Island, FL
48 x 35, design source is photo from Pixabay.
This one was so stunning in real life.  The fur looks so realistic.
Detail of On Thin Ice by Deb Crine.
Judi Madsen had a special exhibit of her quilts.
This one is called Diamond in the Rough.
Detail of Judi Madsen's Diamond in the Rough.
Entry 1622, Spring Song by Pam Seaberg of Kenmore, WA
17 x 20
Sorry for the reflection of the lights.  Minis are in a case.
Entry 1616, Circuit Training by Phillippa Naylor of Beverley East Yorkshire, East Riding of Yorkshire, UK
11 x 11.
Entry 1619, Oh, My Stars! by Joyce Puffinbarger of Symsonia, KY
18 x 20.  Design source: In Love With Log Cabins (Quilts Made Easy Series) (c) 1995 Oxmoor House
I have accomplished basically no sewing since last week.  We need to finish up making a design wall--had to buy bigger batting for it over the weekend, haven't gotten to it since. We have the new computer up and running.  Took about 15 hours to transfer the old system to the new.  Old one is in the sewing room, but not hooked up yet.  The new one is so fast and so quiet!

We have had quite a few new birds dropping by.  This is an Orchard Oriole.  We also have seen the return of the Red Headed Woodpeckers and Rose-Breasted Grosbeak. A few more hummingbirds are visiting the feeders and we are still enjoying the Baltimore Orioles as well.  We usually see Yellow-Rumped Warblers during migration, but haven't seen any of those so far.
We are growing several varieties of milkweed from seed.  My front garden has tons of Common Milkweed (asclepias syriaca) that reseeded itself from last summer.  We'll be looking pretty native and crazy by the end of summer!  Hopefully we host lots of Monarchs.  The irises are getting ready to bloom.  There is a lot of wild honeysuckle around us and it is quite fragrant right now.  My allergies don't appreciate it.  The vegetable garden is still coming along.  The peas have shown a lot of growth, the bok choy is hanging in there, and I had to replant the lettuce since none came up.

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