Churn Dash Mini

Happy Christmas!

I managed to get several things done in the past week, including cleaning my house!  😂 I finally got the binding on the mini churn dash quilt.  This is one that I quilted at the beginning of December before I began the intense custom quilting job that I shared last week.
The quilting on this is a combination of computer- and hand-guided.  I learned how to use QCT to place a block and sort of how to lay out a border.  I filled in some with some free-motion quilting as well.  I was disappointed to find out that I do not have the Borders portion of the program included in my setup.  I was extremely disappointed to find out that if I do want access to it, it is $200 per year.  What!?  

Anyway, it was a good learning experience.  I need to remember not to use the tie/cut function when doing custom or blocks because it leaves loads of giant thread knots on the back that are very unattractive.  I already used what I learned when I quilted the custom quilt immediately following.  I also was reminded why some battings really aren't suitable for long arm quilting.  The chunk I used in this was an inexpensive variety that was a leftover from something.  With cheap stuff, no matter how much I fiddle with it, the tension never looks good.  It's just not dense enough to stand up to the quilting.  At least the front looks good.

So, this mini was my One Monthly Goal for Elm Street Quilts.  I also had it on my extensive list for 2019 Finish A-Long Q4.  I do not feel bad about multi-tasking either. Since the year is nearly over, it is pretty unlikely I'll get anything else finished (though I will try).  As of right now, I have 33% of my Q4 goals finished.

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Switching gears, I completed the two Chewbaccas I was working on.  My husband helped me with the vinyl pieces on the belts. The pattern is by
I also made this wine tote bag.  I received the kit at my guild Christmas party and it is a gift for my sister, who thought a wine tote bag seemed fun.  I'm a teetotaler; she is not. She laughed at me because I called the white wine yellow.  It is yellow on the fabric! Side note, I finally found a thread that my Bernina doesn't like.  It was a 40 wt long arm thread.  Oh well.

I have now completed the first two clues of Bonnie Hunter's Frolic mystery.  That means I'm two weeks behind still, soon to be three!  You should, of course, head to if you want the patterns for her mystery.

I spent Sunday making a bunch of goodies, including fudge and my grandma's cookie recipe.  I was only going to make the fudge and the pretzel candies, then decided I couldn't live without the cookies.   'Tis the season for nostalgia?
Oh, and remember how last week I said I was done with FLL coaching forever?  Not so fast.  The team got invited to the Razorback Invitational in May.  So I will have some more to do, but not as much as for the regular season.

If you are interested in long arm quilting services, be sure to head over to my business page,, and sign up for my newsletter.  I send it once per month or less, and I am planning some fun promotions in the new year, including one for the Frolic quilt.

I hope you are having a peaceful holiday.

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  1. Boy you have been busy. Loving the churn dash. The Chewbaccas are soooo cute.

  2. You have a lot of accomplishments in December. Sorry for the mishaps on your quilting. Your quilt looks lovely!

  3. The churn dash quilt is beautiful, sounds like you have a long arm of a kind. Ouch to the extra charge! I have been watching the Bonnie Hunter Frolic mystery but not actually doing it. Going to be interesting to see how she is going to combine all the blocks. Kathryn Quilts

  4. Love your quilting. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish!