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Here's something a bit random that non-long arm quilters might not have though about.  Recently I was cleaning my machine after a quilting job and had to laugh at the amount of paint dust there was in my machine.  Any time you use a cotton that has a stamped on, more raised design, usually a white on white, especially if used for the backing, there is going to be a lot of paint dust to clean up.  I'm not saying it's good or bad, just that it is a thing.  
Paint dust on the bottom side of the throat plate.

Paint dust crusted in the screw holes.
Paint dust inside the bobbin area of the machine.

I also want to remind you that I wrote a thesis of sorts about how to properly apply quilt borders.  If you think it's acceptable to just sew and trim without measuring, think again. I will admit that I used to be guilty of this. I have a free download explaining the process in both mathematical and non-math ways.  Be sure to check it out.  Your long arm quilter will thank you for properly applying the borders and you will be happier with your finished quilt too.

We have begun the job of replacing all our main floor windows.  We had some faulty windows that are still under warranty, so we got upgraded replacements with the caveat that we were responsible for the install. This is a pretty big job because not only does the siding and trim outside have to be removed, but so does all the interior trim.  We have two switched out and 11 to go.  It may be a year before I have trim around the windows indoors again.  At least we won't have any further water damage.  

One upside to this is that the irises in my side garden desperately needed to be divided and now that process has begun.  There will probably be several hundred pieces once they are all out.  I've given bunches to three people so far.  I will have more to give soon.  Nothing like a window replacement to force your gardening hand.
Meanwhile we are still trying to finish off the last of the basement.  I will be priming and painting soon because that is something I can do to help with forward movement on our house projects--I'm not a ton of help on the windows other than handing things to my husband as he works.  But if I can knock out the painting, then my husband can alternate working on the trim and working on the windows.  

I forgot to share before, but we have some wrens nesting in our bluebird house.  We thought they were Carolina wrens, but after seeing mama up close, I think that they are actually house wrens.  I believe there are four babies in there and one unhatched egg.  The earlier picture is from June 1 and the later one is June 8.  

We had a hot air balloon fly past our house the other night.  That was fun to watch. 

I have gotten a bit more sewn on my For the love of geese quilt.
I quilted my friend Denise's quilt over the weekend.  I was so surprised when I looked at the backing and saw that she had written my name on her label as the quilter!  My photos do not do justice to her quilt.

Finally, 2020 continues to be a doozy.  We witnessed another unnecessary death of a black person, this time due to police brutality.  How many more needless deaths do we have to experience before we finally can change for the better? Sandra at mmm quilts has written a much more eloquent post than I am able to at the moment. I urge you to take the time to read it.  Here is another interesting article with a little different perspective.

There is much work to be done in the name of equality, including within the quilting world. As I have mentioned before, please take the time to get to know people who are different than you.  Maybe we can never fully understand someone else's life or their experiences.  But we can listen and have an open mind and loving heart.  We can all do better.  

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  1. Why is it that one work always brings up more work to be done? haha! Your windows are looking so great! We just did a door, and oh my - it was work! The quilt you did for your friend was lovely. and I agree...