October OMG

I knew just what I wanted to set as my goal for this month. John at Art East Quilting Co. released his fall patterns and I just had to buy the Highland Cow pattern. And, because I'm not busy enough as it is, I decided that I am going to make this and enter it in the guild show this month. I had part of the fabrics and ordered the rest. I also ordered a print from Spoonflower for the backing and just got shipment notification yesterday. 

I have the cutting done and the quilt is only 40" x 45", so I feel somewhat confident that I can complete it in time. The show is at the end of the month, so as long as I get it done in time for that, I will have completed this month's goal. By the way, labels for cut pieces are a necessity when crafting John's patterns. I made these by typing up the required letters and printing them on a shipping label sticker.

I've also entered my Frolic quilt. I am still binding that (that was my failed August goal). I have less than one side left. I then need to attach the hanging sleeve and all three quilts I'm entering will need labels and labeled pillowcases as well.  Any ideas on how you fit a 90" x 90" quilt in a pillowcase?!

I've been busy quilting overtime this past week because I have two personal projects I need to get done this month and I want to custom quilt them both. Here's this week's beauties.

1. Amber's Christmas quilt. I was intrigued that there were so many neutral-colored snowflake fabrics.

2. Valerie's mini, quilted with Sunshine Shells (say that three times fast! 😏).

3. Four Christmas quilts for Keetah.

4. Another memory quilt for Toni, quilted with Tractors.

5. A t-shirt quilt for Toni, quilted with Just Basketballs. I like her arrangement on this and I liked the basketballs way more than I expected to.

6. Sally's quilt, quilted with Diamond Loops. So pleased to finally stitch out that pattern.

That has pretty much been my week. I need to do yard work. One benefit to not keeping up with it is that the turkeys come in when we leave things more unkempt. I scared this herd rafter or flock yesterday morning.

I also saw a murder of crows (yes, having fun looking up names for groups of birds) attacking--murdering?--the neighbors' overflowing trash can yesterday. For some reason I found that absolutely hilarious. 

I need to get out more. Or not. Whatever. Have a safe, healthy, productive week.

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  1. Those highland cows are so sweet! I understand the appeal!!! The quilts are all fun to see! Especially love the snowflake quilt! And yes, love using the diamond loops, too!!!

  2. That highland cow is adorable. Good luck with your goals this month :)

  3. Your Cattle Call project is cute! Those are great fabrics! Best wishes on completing it this month!