My First Art Quilt

Art quilter Cathy Geier spoke Tuesday night at the large guild I belong to and showed us some of her quilts. 

On Wednesday, I took the workshop she offered. She had everything we needed already cut, which made the process much easier. I am not an artist by any means, but I think my piece mostly turned out. There are definitely a few areas where I could have done better, but I think it will be okay once it's fully finished. I am considering fixing one of my mountain edges, but I'm not sure I can change it at this point. I had to order some border fabric, so this project will be on hold until the fabric arrives and I have time to do anything with it.

Also, I am very thankful all the trees were pre-cut and had fusible already applied. This would be a forever-UFO without that!

I can also share one of my recent finishes with you. Lindsey at Yellow Umbrella Quilts published her new pattern, Churn Dazzle. Here is my version, made almost completely from stash (had to buy background fabric but used up every bit of it). 

I even pieced together some more fabrics for the back!

I quilted it with Twist Tie, which is such a cute pattern that gives good texture.

I am behind in my work life. I've still been doing a ton of binding, but did get a few quilts done.

Oh, and I am glad I went to USPS and not UPS Friday morning to ship quilts, because someone drove through the UPS storefront! I drove by it yesterday on my way to an appointment and the front is all covered with OSB now. 

On to the quilts!

This one is Karla's, quilted with Squatty Squared in a teeny tiny scale. It came out so cute!

Next is Paula's quilt and matching shams, quilted with Alfalfa. These are looking good. I am binding these pieces and hope to finish them today.

Here's another of Toni's memory quilts, quilted with Music Notes, which came preloaded in my iQ, but I believe you can buy at Urban Elements too. I like how she does the window effect with the panels. And now that I'm looking at this picture, you can't see any of the actual memory part of the quilt. 

One of Ann's, quilted with Pansies. Love the colors!
I also dusted off my embroidery machine to stitch out something fun for Elle. I have touched my embroidery machine twice in the past two to three years. It had been so long I couldn't remember how to make it start stitching. Ironically, the program in my small guild last week was all about machine embroidery, though the presenter has a much fancier machine than mine. 

Out in the garden, many of the daffodils are still in bloom and a few more have blossomed. Our weeping cherry tree blossomed just in time for heavy rain, just like every year. The dropped blossoms look like snow.
I was able to get the peas and lettuce planted outdoors over the weekend and my indoor lettuce has shown surprising growth.
That's all I have. Stop by next week to see my progress on the Flower Patch SAL and some more lovely quilts.


  1. The detail in that Mary Poppins quilt is amazing! Thanks for sharing all of those. And I agree--I don't think I'd want to cut out those shadow appliques! Your churn quilt finished up beautifully! You really are getting lots done even tho it may not feel so in the work dept. Classes, aka education, should be counted as work too!

  2. Churn Dazzle is a beauty!

  3. I love Paula's quilt, they are all beautiful but she did a great job choosing fabrics. Congrats on the beautiful art quilt, I would leave it as is.Thank you for linking up to Put your foot down.

  4. Love the art quilt. I looks like a fun process for sure.

  5. I like your art quilt. I’d say you did a great job on it. And Churn Dazzle is wonderful. Lots going on in your studio these days. Thanks for sharing.