Ugh, It's Been a Week

Not much to report here. I either forgot to photo or can't share what I've been working on. Saturday I had a  Sewcial with my small guild so that we could work on assembling a top we are donating to a local organization for their fundraiser. I arrived several hours late since I was getting a hair cut. Once I got there, I was really busy with the sewing. We then had a very heavy rain/thunder/hail storm move through. I didn't even know it was supposed to rain! We all had to wait it out. I neglected to take pictures, but you can see part of the blocks I donated in last week's post.

This is what I can share of my current project. I can say that it will be a baby quilt.

I finished three quilts. First is Sara's, quilted with Circle Drama.

Next is Jo Ellen's, quilted with Knit 1, Purl 2.

Then I worked on Martha's antique quilt--hand guided meander.

It appears to mostly be made from bits of old clothes and was assembled with both hand and machine sewing. The back is also old clothes and some possible feed sacks.

Unbeknownst to me, the timing belt on my Lucey had slipped a bit and the challenge of very thick seams made it slip a tooth. Luckily, APQS has fantastic service. They emailed me video instructions last night while we were at my son's school recognition night (he won an award; we are so proud of him) and my husband was able to get the belt back into place. I do need to double-check things and check in with APQS, but I should be able to get back at it today. 

My yard is looking nice. The clematis in the front garden are in full bloom. 

The unusual clematis in the side garden is starting to blossom. The back one hasn't started yet.

Lots of the spiky purple plants I seem to favor (I have multiple varieties, mostly catmint, Veronica, and salvia, because they do great in my setting) are starting to blossom around the whole yard. Here's one of my favorites.
The irises are putting on a nice display. The purple ones are Caesar's Brother and the white in the back is Immortality. My very most favorite Crater Lake Blue (not pictured) have so far put up one blossom. It's probably time to divide them again.

I didn't have time to check the outdoor veggies or fruit, but here is the final picture of my indoor lettuce. I double-checked and I planted this around January 12. I harvested what was left yesterday (and added it my lunch salad) and cleaned out the machine. I'll be starting herbs next, just because that's the refill I have. Most of them are herbs we don't commonly use, but I will find a way. Maybe they can just get added to my salads.

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  1. I don't even know where the timing belt is and what is "slipped a tooth"? (Still learning here!). How did you find this out, by taking off the cover? Recently pulled my clematis--either too old (10-15 yrs) or diseased. Chose not to replace it there in case of disease but I'm now on the hunt for a new spot for a new one. Their flowers are always so pretty!