Purple RSC Blocks

I have completed this month's RSC blocks. The color of the month is purple. 

I thought I had a good amount of purple scraps, but what I really had was a lot of scraps of a pretty limited amount of prints. I think the blocks are okay.

I like them mixed with the red and green blocks we've done already. The tutorial is by Sandra at mmmquilts.

I quilted my Malted Mystery quilt. If you voted last week, thanks! I went with Peak Blooms simply because it was the fastest of the three to stitch out and I feel like I'm drowning right now.

I'm working on hand binding now. Why? Who knows. I have until Sunday night to get it finished. 

I forgot to mention last week, but a quilt I donated to Quilts for Kids in December was in the March 7 newsletter! It's the robot quilt on the left.  I was pleased that someone picked it.

Here's the whole quilt. 

Moving over to quilts for others, I quilted the twin to Lauren's quilt from last week. She selected Curly for the design and Glide Sprout for the thread color.

I bound both of her quilts.

Next I quilted Jo's Chilhowie quilt. She picked Exes and we used Glide Peacock, a very pale purple color. This quilt is much more stunning in real life than what my camera recorded.

Next I quilted Annie's Dutch Treat quilt. The quilting is really hard to see, both in the picture and in real life. She picked Saffron Blossoms and I used white thread.

Then I quilted Trish's baby quilt with Pretty Paisley and cream thread.

I've been scrambling to get my basement picked up before my sister and kids come in another week or so. The menfolk have put away all the robotics things. They also moved my collection of shipping boxes out of the spare bedroom and into the living room. I was calling it Mt. Boxmore. I decided to keep only the boxes that I knew a quilt would fit into and took the rest to recycling on Monday. 

We got the bed set up and most of the stuff shoved into the closets. I'm pretty bummed out because I thought our suitcases would fit under the bed for storage. Nope. Okay, maybe the baby bed parts (it was a convertible baby-toddler-full headboard piece and my son uses the headboard) will fit under there. Nope. NOTHING fits under there. LOL figures.

I didn't take before pictures because it was too embarrassing. Here's where we are at now. I need to move the coffee table so that you can actually get in the door.

The whole expanse of living room was filled with multiple tables, robotics field, and lots of parts before this. The Murphy bed is in the middle of the book case on the right in the photo below.

I found one of the spare robotics paper airplane/drones and threw it at my son. It landed like this. 😆 I don't know if I could ever do that again.

Our weather has been pretty garbage the last few days. I figured that was coming because every time the cherry tree starts to blossom the weather turns. 
Come back on Monday to link up your OMG finish.

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  1. You're doing an awesome job, Anne-Marie! Quilting all those client quilts, some binding, too, your own quilts, guests--you're amazing!

  2. I meant to vote last week (busy gardening time!) but that was the one I was going to vote on. To me, the other designs were too similar to the quilt in their points/angles. It's a beautiful quilt and has been fun to watch evolve.
    Our weather hasn't been too bad but I think we're about to get the freezes and maybe some flurries which of course will kill everything. UGH. We do need rain tho so I'm hoping it won't get quite as cold as they're predicting.

  3. Your quilt is beautiful and the scrappy blocks are so fun. Cleaning out spare rooms are a pain because everything that doesn't have a place goes in there. My sympathies! Thank you for linking up to Put your foot down.

  4. Oh how I love seeing my stars growing each month! You've got me thinking I may start another on dark backgrounds this year. I NEVER stick to just one RSC, so why should this year be any different? Hope you're enjoying your company, and lol on the plane landing! Oh, your MM quilt is just so very pretty!