Fair Results

I picked up my quilts from the fair on Sunday. In addition to the ribbons, I also won $4. It was free to enter them. We did go to the fair last Wednesday afternoon (we were told it was free before 4 pm but it was not) to look at them and a few animals--we walked through the rabbit and pigeon barn and of course we had to see the chickens. The meat chickens made me very sad. There were some pretty cool types of pet (hopefully) chickens on display. I found some of them kind of terrifying. Anyway, here are the pieces, their ribbons, and the judge's comments.

There were three Grand Champion quilts. One was in the made by kids category. The other two were both Christmas-themed quilts, both with edge-to-edge quilting. I'm not sure what the criteria was to be chosen as the winner. There was a really well done, elaborate, paper pieced lion with fully custom quilting that my art quilt beat. I would have chosen the lion to place much better than it did.

I got a few quilts completed. First up is one that belongs to my small quilt guild. I quilted it with Doing Doughnuts in an alternate setup.

Next is Irene's quilt, quilted with Boho Boxes. She was visiting from England; how fun is that?

Finally, Jeni's quilt. She won my quilting prize from the Malted Mystery QAL. She sent me a sampler made with Friends (the TV show) fabric and requested Bean Sprout quilting with lavender thread.

I picked and purchased my fabrics for the next Meadow Mist mystery quilt, the Marble mystery. I chose a backing fabric from my stash and purchased solids for the front. The background fabric will be the Kona Bone and my other colors are Kona Bellini, Mango, Regatta, and Leaf. I'll use the remaining backing fabric to bind. 

I've done very little sewing lately. I've been struggling a bit (or a lot, depending on the day) with my daughter's impending departure for her new job. It was very demoralizing at first to find out that she can't afford anywhere safe to live on her own. We started looking for roommates. The first viewing we had set up fell through. We found another one that looked promising but was at the very top of what she can afford. We went and looked on Monday and weren't sure the woman was going to rent it to her. It is a new construction and  includes garage parking. The renter gets a furnished bedroom, a shared bath, and access to the laundry room and the main floor. Later that evening, it seemed that the lease will be extended to her and she can move in this weekend--her new job starts Monday. I know this whole thing will be a good experience for her, but this mom is not handling it very well. I wish her job wasn't over an hour away.

So. Here is my sole piece of sewing over the past week. It is one of the blocks to my Bedford Tiles quilt. Only 19 more to go.

Send positive thoughts my way. I know many of you have already been here before and I'll be okay eventually. In the meantime, I'll be a grieving, anxious, nervous wreck (in secret as much as possible so I don't spike her anxiety).

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  1. Congratulations on your fair wins! Different things affect what wins at fair, maybe your borders were more straight or your binding attached more neatly. They do check out these things. It's hard to have a daughter move away. It sounds like her living arrangement is safe for the time being. I hope all works out well. Blessings!

  2. Congrats on all the ribbons!
    Hang in there on the parenting. I think it is especially hard with girls as their safety is a priority but that usually comes with a hefty price tag (for nicer/safer living). Hopefully she's found a good spot that works out well.

  3. Cute and gorgeous and everything in between with your fair projects, congrats on the winnings. Yep I know the feeling when the kids leave home, it's not fun but we do get through it so hang in there.

  4. Congrats on the ribbons. Cute little quilts!

  5. Ohhh Great big Mom hugs headed your way - such a stressful time!!!!
    Love your Fair Quilts - I never understand the judging either - I just am glad to go look and see the cool stuff!